Essays on Application of Prince2 Methodology in a Project for Reduction of Fire Outbreaks in Lancashire Schools Case Study

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The paper 'Application of Prince2 Methodology in a Project for Reduction of Fire Outbreaks in Lancashire Schools " is a perfect example of a management case study. Fire outbreaks among schools in Lancashire are a common occurrence. This calls for drastic control measures to be put in place to address these fire outbreaks since their effects are devastating. Much time and money are wasted in addressing the effects of outbreaks instead of prevention. Thus the project aims at putting into place measures to prevent which is much cost-effective as compared to traditional ways of responding to the fire outbreaks.

Diversity in schools needs to be taken as strength and not a shortcoming to reduce these outbreaks as it has been noted as one of the key causes of the fire outbreaks. Thus, the project recommends education on ways of encouraging diversity and equality in schools as a way of addressing the fire outbreak problem. PRINCE2 methodology is to be used in the implementation of this project. Since most financial resources to be used in the implementation of the project are in the form of promises it is recommended that this be collected prior to the implementation stage in order for the project to run smoothly.

The methodology is chosen since it will encourage the prior collection of views of the administrators and stakeholders. This will eliminate any conflict of interest during the project and thus decision-making process will be made easier. PRINCE2 methodology will ensure that the causes of fire outbreaks and their severity are identified and reported for necessary actions to be taken and for future use in similar situations. Generally, the business case study of the project is to reduce the fire incident that is reported in Lancashire schools.

Some of the major events and tasks to achieve this goal include visiting schools, training and educating students, staff and subordinate. Moreover, other tasks include inspecting schools fire equipment, interviewing school stakeholders and ensuring all planned tasks are successful. Human resources issues expected The management of issues is vital for the quality of any project as outlined by PRINCE2 methodology. For easy management of these issues, they need to be described and evaluated for easy decision making and determination of their status.

The reduction of fire outbreaks in Lancashire schools is expected to face several human resource issues. These include the availability of skilled personnel to implement the project, availability of funds to cater for hiring outstanding staff, conflicts among team members and time-wasting in decision making. PRINCE2 methodology lacks the essential exercise of team development. This implies that all team members recruited for the project will have the skills required to run the project. This might be hard to come by since the high outbreaks of fire in Lancashire are an indication of few personnel trained in this sector.

This limited availability of trained staff and the fact that the PRINCE2 methodology pre-assignment negotiation, is bound to raise the costs of running the project since the few that will be found might demand very high pay. This may impact negatively on other activities of the project. Since team members will have different skills, conflicts are bound to arise as a result of each of them wanting to be recognized. Finally, since the decision making in PRINCE2 methodology is not centralized, there might be a lot of time lost in making decision hence causing some delays in the running and completion of the project.

If this happens, then the fire outbreaks are bound to continue for a prolonged period before the project finally tackles the problem.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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