Essays on What Makes Change Agents Skilful and Effective in the Change They Manage Assignment

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The paper “ What Makes Change Agents Skilful and Effective in the Change They Manage? ” is a meaningful example of an assignment on management. Change agents are effective in the change they manage when they listen to the senior management in an organization as well as other people in the organization who are affected by the change at hand. They must also be willing to acknowledge and draw lessons from failed change initiatives by changing courses of action in new change programs. Change agents also attain effectiveness when they create enthusiasm and commitment for change among those affected by the change.

They also need to explain the need for change and provide support for the change before actually implementing it. Change agents are also successful in managing change when they assess the nature of each change effort so as to ensure that the change strategy is in line with the problem that needs to be solved. As an internal change agent, what actions can you take to assist a team to build its readiness for learning? As an internal change agent, I would always try to be helpful to my team and promote the active participation of the team members so that they are able to learn from their own activities, thereby spreading the readiness to learn.

To achieve this, I would also use persuasive communication to promote the participation of team members in the group’ s activities. Through this approach, team members will be able to place greater trust in the information that they discover on their own and thus develop a greater willingness to learn. I would also make an effort to stay in touch with the existing reality of the organization and my team in particular.

Through approaches such as storytelling, I can motivate members to understand the reality of the existing situation and hence the need for change. Which would be more beneficial for an organization ― an external or an internal change agent? What are the factors that need to be considered before such a choice is made? Explain your answer. Both external and internal change agents would be beneficial for an organization depending on the organization’ s situation. Before settling on either of the two types of change agents, an organization has to consider issues such as the level of knowledge and commitment of the change agent, the resources available, the level of managerial authority that the agent possesses, and the level of skill or expertise required to effect the change.

An organization also needs to consider whether the change needs to be led by a person from within the organization or a consultant from outside. While an internal change agent may be familiar with the situation in the organization, they may lack objectivity and have the less technical expertise to facilitate the required change.

Conversely, a consultant may provide greater objectivity and introduce new expertise or knowledge to the change process but may be less familiar with the organization’ s culture.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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