Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility - Business Events Cairns Case Study

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The paper "Corporate Social Responsibility - Business Events Cairns " is a perfect example of a business case study. A primary aim of any news organization is to maximize profit and realize expansion. As organizations enhance profit and expand their areas of operations, they tend to achieve economies of scale. When organizations reach this point, they often have extra money to spend on non-profit yielding activities. Firms that have attained such heights often come back to show gratitude to society in some ways. The gratitude is referred to as corporate social responsibility, which may involve a wide range of activities.

However, it must not be assumed that only companies with large economies of scale are in a position to offer corporate social responsibility. Crowther and Aras (2008) explain that types of corporate social responsibility may vary depending on the intention of the responsibility. Some firms may directly support community events such as sports and education while other enterprises may opt to conserve nature for the sake of sustainability. Business Events Cairns is one of the major event organizers in Australia (Cairns, 2016).

The event organizing company has managed to organize some major events that include business events. Business Events Cairns has developed and maintained a unique approach to organizing events with an aim of conserving the environment. Cairns and Great Barrier Reef offers many ingredients that would not be found in most parts of the world. The natural environment where the firm has specialized forms one of the unique packages that the firm offers to its esteemed visitors. Tourism has ventured into eco-tourism as a way of conserving the environment by encouraging people to visit their conservancies. One of the natural events that the travel and tourism agency has initiated is the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

The cable tour allows a tourist to have a view of a natural rainforest that is unique among the world’ s heritage forests. The events enable tourists not only to have a view of the scenic environment but also to learn some ways to conserve the environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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