Essays on Experiences Working at Riyadh Golf Courses Assignment

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The paper "Experiences Working at Riyadh Golf Courses" is a brilliant example of a business assignment. I have never found an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of my internship at the Riyadh Golf Courses (RGC) like I have endeared to do today. I admit it was a success to note that I could participate in an effective operation to launch a new website and radical marketing strategies. I could visualize a reality of applying and implementing suitable models, frameworks, and theories that I choose and was surprised at how I used it to base on realities.

According to Peter Jarvis (1995:75), learning from primary experience is essentially obtaining through sense experience. I believe it reaffirms what Weil and McGill’ s (1989:3) described in the four ‘ villages’ model. I can derive from the Village one my life and work experience at RGC was drawn from my ability to assess and accredit learning. Village two allowed me to focus on experiential learning on the platform of brings change to my marketing career at RGC. In Village three, I aroused the group consciousness of the team I was assigned to work with.

I noticed that through teamwork, the Web Design Tips and Advice from A to Z concepts were easier to grasp and understand. I learned a lot from that reading and informed the supervisor of what was needed in the RGC websites. This was meant to market it properly through the web and at the same time getting ideas of how to make the website, since RGC competes with other world-class golf course websites (Kolb, 1984). My workplace task was to structure the new website for RGC which went well.

Because of these concepts, I read through them then picked some ideas and implemented them by doing the above. In Village four I came to the realization that I needed to engender personal growth and self-awareness. This was possible through advancing the merits of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS). It taught me how to take advantage of hidden opportunities in a market place such as Riyadh and use it to my advantage. My popular language is Arabic which assisted me to get new acquaintances and customers for RGC from different sectors.

At the same time, I was implementing the BOS practically. My workplace task was to advertise the RGC and conduct personal sales which I did through the BOS. It was a great practical experience that I learned a lot from and also immense confidence booster to me. This allowed me to get closer to my superiors at the RGC. This is a great place to be for someone in an internship for a cooperative placement organization (CPO). Thirdly, the transmission model of communication gave me insight on how to communicate through the proper marketing channels, and get through to the right organizations, which will be beneficial for the RGC.   This is exactly what happened and we got a go-ahead for our promotional planning.

I successfully used the transmission communication model to enable me (source), conduct a knowledgeable conversation with the customer (receiver), which relayed a message on marketing content.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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