Essays on Continous Improvement of Processes in Ca Retail Caf Case Study

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The paper “ Continous Improvement of Processes in Ca Retail Café ” is an engrossing example of the case study on management. In order CA Retail Group café manager to increase employee participation in key issues about the strategies developed for the cafes, it is important to become flexible and allow creativity in terms of the development of viable ideas that could help solve the issues. Effective communication between the employees and managers is essential, in which case they have the ability to air out their grievance concerning set goals and the various ways to achieve the goals.

The manager at the CA group should ensure that employees are familiar with the policies and procedures as well as the laid out processes focused on quality improvement, performance management, and knowledge management. Using the PDCA to ensure staff participation one canPlan by: Identifying ways of reducing inconsistent food quality and returns and evaluate the best way to address the lack of performance systems and ways to increase staff morale through knowledge management. To check address quality, weekly meetings that discuss policy and procedures will be held to and review of that progressTo check on performance management- welcoming any recommendation, through brainstorming and equal contribution will help to identify a key failure in the performance managementMind mapping would help identify individual talents and establishing a culture of that openness and approachability, especially to the manager when it comes to Checking on knowledge management. The manager can do a test trial and review the progress and effectiveness of the set plans made in the weekly meetings.

Finally, the manager can check on the developed key areas that need improvement, and after changes are made, then the employees should act thus implement the newly developed and workable measures. Question twoThere are several modes of communication that can be implemented to offer continuous improvement to the company.

Interpersonal communication among the employees is important to allow cohesiveness through peer evaluation and which allows them to give instant and corrective feedback. This enables each employee to have an opportunity to learn from each other thus leading to continuous improvement.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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