Essays on Financial Performance Analysis - Boral Limited Case Study

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The paper "Financial Performance Analysis - Boral Limited " is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study. Financial performance analysis refers to the process of analyzing the financial statements of a business from different perspectives in order to identify the financial strengths, weaknesses and viability of the business (Manisha B 9-10). There are different tools such as ratio analysis, identifying the capital structure and cost of capital, profitability analysis, etc. to analyze the financial performance of a business. Therefore, the main purpose of this paper is to critically analyze two (02) academic articles on capital structure and cost of capital, and E-finance.

The assumptions of findings of these articles will then be applied to analyze the financial performance of an organization (Boral Limited) in order to see how much of the theories and findings presented in the articles match the reality (i. e.: the financial performance of the chosen organization). E-finance The first article that was reviewed is called ‘ E-finance: status, innovations, resources and future challenges’ by Manuchehr Shahrokhi (2008). This article gave a clear overview of e-finance, its implications, the challenges and issues related to e-finance, and recommendations on how e-finance can be used to provide better financial services to customers and businesses.

It also showed how the adoption of e-finance can add value to the overall financial performance of an organization. Here, the author defined e-finance as the process of providing financial services by using internet-based communication and computation. The author argues that the widespread use of e-finance will transform the role of finance and financing activities carried out by businesses. It was also said that technological developments have helped banks, and other financial and non-financial institutions provide an array of financial services in more convenient ways, which made it easier for small and medium businesses to acquire capital in a cost-effective way.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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