Essays on The Impact of Social Media on Marketing Coursework

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The paper "The Impact of Social Media on Marketing " is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   The rise of various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others have revolutionized the way people communicates. Furthermore, it has established a link where people across the globe can communicate freely in a short period. However social media has played a crucial role in impacting the people way of life especially due to the ease of communication. Furthermore, the evolution of mobile phones has also played a critical role in enabling people across the globe to easily access social media through their phones as well as through their computers.

Even though social media provides a platform for the social interaction process, it has also provided companies opportunities to market their products to their consumers across the globe. Literature Review Consumers can now interact with the consumers across social media especially in cases where the platforms provide an opportunity for the companies to avail their products to the consumers and at the same time gather customers feedback. However, marketers must be able to identify the customer's needs through the social media platform by collecting the right data and in making sure that they can meet those needs (Friedman, 2015).

Conversely, the marketers have responsibilities of evaluating the customers feedback through social media and subsequently come up with ways to structure their advertisement. The social media platform has provided marketers with an ability to gather information from the individual activities and through this determine their needs and at the same time monitor the changes in taste and preferences which are a major issue in marketing.

Social media has however given the consumers immense power given that their opinion across the online platform may affect the customers purchasing behavior (Albano-Davis, 2016). Marketers now have the ability to monitor the impact of their adverts based on the views across the YouTube platform, downloads, likes, and dislikes, retweets, as well as comments that customers make across the social media platform. In this case, the social media platform gives the customers the power to comment on individual products, and through this, the company or the marketers can instantly respond to the customers' requests or inquiries.

Social media inspires customers to talk about products or adverts in the market, and at, as a result, they may recommend, share follow or even like the products which the company can use to determine its effectiveness. With this in mind, the social media platform also helps in raising the awareness and thus creating a scenario where the adverts may have a prolonged impact on the market which is a benefit to the marketers (Hays, Page, & Buhalis, 2013). Conclusion The social media interaction is also another form of word of mouth based adverts which has a longer impact on the success of the company in the long run.

However, the brand image may also be negatively affected by the social media platform, due to the ability to spread the information given that this may create a negative reputation for the company. Therefore, marketers across Australia must come up with ways to mitigate against the adverse effects of social media and at the same time capitalize on the opportunities that the social media provides to the company due to the global exposure the social media gives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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