Essays on Comparison of International Fire and Rescue Services with That of the UAE Assignment

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The paper "Comparison of International Fire and Rescue Services with That of the UAE" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Classical management theory: the classical management theory comprises of three levels of management. According to this theory, employees are considered as entities for performing tasks. Top-level management is concerned with coordination and determining policies. They are called the board of directors and responsible for formulating schemes and policies to meet the targets of the business. Middle management organizes the actions specified by the top management. They develop department policies and act accordingly to achieve the objective.

The lower level management ensures all the tasks are performed (Montana & Charnov, 2000). Human relation approach Management operations are released by human beings and successful management gets the maximum advantage of these humans. Therefore, management needs to achieve it through people. The fundamentals of human relations approach emphasize the performance of employees (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Contingency: there is a generally approved theory stating that employees are to be dealt according to their work done by them. This theory is practised in active management techniques.

The primary idea behind this theory is that when there is no evident need to think, don’ t ask the employees. It makes active management unsuitable (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Manager’ s role and responsibilities Managers are answerable for monitoring and controlling the actions and productive output of their workers. They play a vital role in handling the operations of their workers. They are also engaged in recruitment, vocational growth, sequential designing and managing wages and compensations. A good manager is one who has qualities of (1) pin-pointing problems and makes decisions to get through the problems.

(2) Prepare strategies and policies to achieve long term goals of the company. (3) Lead the team and provide the necessary training and preparation. (4) Encourage others to improve the quality of workers and the work. (5) Since the manager is the middle man, therefore he should effectively communicate between top management and the employees. (6) He should present himself as a role model for all the employees (Montana & Charnov, 2000). Communication Method: For effective communication between the manager and the staff three important things to be considered.

(1) The message to be conveyed should be very clear. (2) The manager should receive and understand the message. (3) Maintain checks on the flow of communication. Team building: Douglas McGregor proposed his famous X-Y theory in 1960. His theory mentions basic principles of managing people providing two key methods namely x-theory and y-theory. Managers get bad output with x-theory as compared to those opting y-theory (Drucker, 2007). Theory X or 'authoritarian management' style: it gives poor results because it says that average people don’ t like work so they must be compelled to work with the terror of penalty.

These people want guidance and don’ t like obligations. They quite understanding and free from confusions and want security at their work (Drucker, 2007). Theory Y: this theory is motivated as it says that work is as natural as play or rest therefore, people don’ t need any kind of guidance. If honor is linked with achieving the target, they work with full devotion hence becoming more responsible. People feel a responsibility because of their creativity and ingeniousness (Drucker, 2007).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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