Essays on Fire Investigation and Hazards Faced by Fire Investigators Coursework

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The paper "Fire Investigation and Hazards Faced by Fire Investigators " is a great example of management coursework. A systematic  approach is used for observation, recording, documentation and preservation of the information gathering which is; Determination of origin point, securing the scene, preserving the evidence, determination of cause and chain of events, making documentation, interviewing witnesses, searching and collecting for evidence, analyzing the fire flow, eliminating all potential and accidental causes. The whole process may be prioritized according to need as it depends on the firefighter’ s arrival. Questioning with witness Witnesses are people who are present on the fire scene, as it starts or before the arrival of firefighters.

They may be the people who reported the incident to the fire brigade. Immediate recording of witness is inevitable to get to the right conclusions. Witness views are important as they have seen the fire at an early stage and can provide information about physical evidence, presence of arsonist, starting point of fire and direction of fire. In addition to the early stage witnesses, there may be other people in the vicinity of fire situation and events which surrounds the fire. Scene examination Examination and recording of the happening on the fire scene are to be done as soon as possible.

It is due to the fact that a scene can be destroyed by collapse or some other reasons like flames, heat, smoke can destroy the critical evidence. Inspection and evaluation of the scene include; Determination of area/point of origin Sources of ignition Materials ignited Act or activity which brought the source or materials together Assessment of subsequent progression of the fire Extinguishment Contaminant of fire Fire behavior indicators Determination of fire origin is very crucial for further investigations.

It is a process of tracking back the fire. Fire behavior often helps in this regard, it provides numerous indicators of how and from where it started and spread. Investigator has to seek a pattern of indicators and evidence provided by fire and other sources. All the facts, strong observation and experience of investigator lead him to the real cause of the fire. Preservation and Recording of evidence It includes; Organizing the recorded data and information Identify the linkage between events Evaluation of investigation file Reconstruct the whole scene Testing System analysis Documentation of information Documentation includes; Photographing fire patterns Photographing all evidence items on the scene Diagrammatic record filing Sampling locations Evidence log maintenance On the basis of analysis and findings, an investigative report is prepared.

It is a concise and objective report which reflects the observations, findings, witness recordings from the fire scene. Indicators of structural collapse Building structures are posing greater challenges today. Each occupancy or building dictates the tactical principles and strategies adopted, which can be evolved and modified according to come basic construction types; Fire Resistive Non-Combustible Heavy Timber Wood Frame Ordinary; in which the only exterior is protected These fundamental structures are further classified as well. Irrespective of construction type, each building and occupancy can be affected adversely due to; Heat/Flames Weather and environment conditions Improper construction techniques Substandard material Improper system assemblies A fire-based structure can be collapsed due to many possible causes.

Strong observation and awareness about the causes can assist firefighters in determining these factors.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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