Essays on Fire Investigation Assignment

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Signs, Symptoms and Causes of Collapse of Building A building that is going to collapse or is collapsed because of being set on fire intentionally or accidently incorporates a number of signs, symptoms and causes. Being on fire is such a dangerous accident that causes various hazards and risks to the lives of residents and accommodators of the building. According to “Fire Protection Handbook: Building Construction” by National Fire Protection Association, (2004b), if the building is an official building, the danger increases as the number of people increases because of the building’s commercialism (pp.

51). It is stated in “Fire Protection Handbook: Evaluating Structural Damage” by National Fire Protection Association, (2004c), that a building that is on fire or is secured by putting off the fire is hazardous to the people such as fire fighters, fire investigators, residents, police officials and other persons related to the building (pp. 43). Every person who is responsible for entering the building that is set on fire for safety purposes or for inquiring purposes should take into consideration many precautionary measures as if to ensure his/her safety. Signs of collapse of building during and after fire fighting operations are many as there are many chemical processes, physical damages and other injuries to the building that point towards its collapse.

According to the data collected in “Fire Protection Handbook: Evaluating Structural Damage” by National Fire Protection Association, (2004c), the signs can be damaged staircases, gas and water pipeline leakages, electricity failure, burnt floors and ceilings, burnt wiring, burning furniture that may cause more damage and many other signs are there that indicate towards the collapsing of building (pp.

48). The people involved in fire operations during combustion such as fire fighters and the people who work after fire operations like investigators have to take care in terms of their safety, as there are many conditions and dangers that can harm them and their health. It has been reported in “Kirk’s Fire investigation”, (1997), by Brady that not only the fire fighters but also fire investigators have gone through health problems (pp. 68). They were also subjected to dangerous situations such as chemical spreading after fire operations. Due to the after affects of fire, the fire investigators are subject to same danger as that to fire fighters.

The fire may be a reason for collapsing of a building as it damages the building badly if not controlled in time. Large fires need a strong fire fighting operation as to eradicate the risk of collapse of the building. According to Brady in “Kirk’s Fire investigation”, (1997), the fire investigators that enter the building after fire operations by the fire fighters need to take safety measures, as they are more in chance of endangerment in terms of building’s collapse (pp.

64). Due to fire, the building has, ore chances of being collapsed because the floors, ceilings, wirings, furniture and other stuff present in the building is badly damaged that further endangers the lives of the fire investigators that reach the scene after the eradication of fire. There may be chemical reactions because of combustion. Hildebrand, Michael and Gregory state in “Hazardous Materials for Fire and Explosion Investigators”, (2000), that there can be chances of broken staircases, falling down ceilings, weak floors, broken wires, leaked water and gas pipelines and many other harmful and dangerous conditions that the investigators should keep in mind before entering the fire scene (pp.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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