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The paper "Significance of Fire Risk Assessment in the Workplace" is a great example of management coursework.   Fire risk assessment involves a great deal of information in regards to the standards, procedures, limitations, adequacy of available fire risk assessment data, models and theories. The following report deals with the significance and the relevant application of the fire risk assessment theory to mitigate the fire risks harmful to people, property, and the environment. The various means of escape and the principles behind the appliance of such means is also studied in depth. To prevent and minimize the detrimental effects of the blaze, the building regulation laid down by the U. K government has been stressed upon for further assistance. INTRODUCTION To combat the threat of unexpected and unwanted risk of fire outrage, it becomes an utmost necessity to identify the fire risks in the workplace and other areas.

It is indeed difficult to predict or envisage a disaster but their impacts, consequences can be managed and controlled to an extent if proper safety measures such as the means of escape or use of electrical and mechanical measures of fire control are well designed into the fire risk assessment plan. A good communication strategy must be imbibed in the building structure where people could be timely informed about the mishap and necessary instructions be flown through the right methods and channels.

In the modern construction era where huge, massive structures are being built on a breakneck pace, it becomes a matter of great concern whether the organizations give due consideration to the Building Regulations laid down by the authorities, as in the case of Great Britain where even the minutest areas of precaution are specified in the schedules drafted for the construction of buildings to ensure the safety of lives and property.

The fire risk assessment management deals with the organization of the elements responsible for fire prevention and rescue operations. SIGNIFICANCE OF FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT A risk is the future probability of a hazard which might be harmful in some or the other manner while assessment is an exploration or an examination of the use of the hazardous material or operations in the workplace to reduce the risks of life and property.

On the whole, a fire risk assessment deals with the factors responsible for the fire occurrences and the measurement of the harmful effects of those factors with a corresponding remedial action to control and prevent the fire incidents. The significance of assessment lies in the fact that risks related to the peril of fire need to be evaluated to determine the severity of the occurrence. It s an important tool in the decision-making process, where the controllable and uncontrollable factors can be segregated to lay down the priorities for implementing control measures. Fire assessment helps in stating the extent of the injury which might be caused if there is a fire happening in the future, the probability of the harm which a person may be exposed to at the time of a hazard, the frequency and the duration of the exposure. Occupational safety and health are the prime factors for conducting a fire risk assessment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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