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IntroductionThe University of Central Lancashire is legally obligated to ensure the health and safety of all people who reside or enter the University (Snow, 2003). The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 replaced several fire safety legislations that existed prior to this period and as such, the University of Central Lancashire is obliged to act within the precincts of this legislation. This legislation rendered any certificate issued under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 null and void (Tondon, 2008). The legislation brought about reforms in relation to fire safety in non-domestic premises.

Thus, the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre (STFSC) is covered under this legislation. The legislation puts a specified duty on the responsible person in the work place. This may be the employer or any other individual who may have any control over the premise (Eskell, 2000). These persons are required to take precautions aimed at safeguarding the safety of occupants of the premise and any other person within the immediate vicinity of the premise (Furness and Muckett, 2007). This entails making sure that fire systems, procedures are adequately maintained, and that staff are trained to ensure that they are fully aware of their fire and safety responsibilities. Fire is considered a hazard in any organization that has a large building infrastructure.

This Fire Safety management plan (FSMP) is being prepared to ensure that the university can manage this risk at its Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre (STFSC) (Tondon, 2008). This is a new purpose built indoor facility on the main campus of University of Central Lancashire. This facility offers a wide range of programs including instructor led classes, Student Union (SU) Sports Clubs, and individual training (Furness and Muckett, 2007).

The facility has seven activity areas Fitness Suite, Cardio Zone, Sports Hall One and Two, Studio Red, Studio Blue, and Squash Court. The STFSC consists of four floors: lower ground floor, upper ground floor, first floor and second floor. The plans for these floors are illustrated below. This FSMP will ensure that a comprehensive fire risk management process is applied across the facility to ensure a high level of safety for persons using it and the property itself. It will also ensure that any fire safety issues that arise are contained and resolved faster and effectively (Eskell, 2000).

The plan will in addition ensure that the facility complies fully with the University’s legal obligations in relation to fire safety. Moreover, the plan will make sure that the provided training and information on fire safety is appropriate to the community utilizing the facility. Fire safety policy statementThe University of Central Lancashire shall take fire preventive steps in the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre (STFSC) facility via effective design, adequate maintenance of fire prevention equipment, proper working practices and procedures that comply with the University of Central Lancashire’s fire safety strategy (Furness and Muckett, 2007).

In the event of a fire or reported fire in the STFSC, it is the policy of the university that the safety of its staff and third person in the premise and within immediate vicinity who will be the first priority over all other consideration (Tondon, 2008). The University of Central Lancashire regards the promotion of fire safety measures within STFSC as a mutual objective of management, employees and users of the facility and it gives priority to the health and safety of third party users and employees (Snow, 2003).

The following statements have been approved by the university to ensure fire safety at STFSC and will be reviewed from time to time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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