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The paper "Food and Beverage Management" Is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. The hospitality industry has often revolved around customer service and customer satisfaction (Chen 2011). Still, focusing on the most significant industry trends can help the hoteliers to understand what the customers want since businesses that exceed customer expectations are often in high demand (Deloitte 2010). The industry trends have veered towards technology advancements to cut costs and improve customer experience (Hotel Managers Group 2013). Examples include s' Bagger Restaurant which has invested in technology in all facets of customer service to increase efficiency and reduced cost.

This paper presents a case analysis of the restaurant. 2.1 The unique selling point of the 's Baggers Restaurant The restaurant’ s unique selling point is its technology. The restaurant uses a technology that transports meals and drinks on metallic tracks to customers through gravity once they make their orders using a touchscreen. Unique selling point (USP) is the consideration or factor a business presents as the reason its products and services are different and better than that of the competitors. ‘ s Bagger relies on its innovative technology as a unique selling point on which it pegs its marketing strategy.

Talabi et al (2012) suggest that businesses should peg their USPs on the “ four P’ s” of marketing, namely promotional strategy, product characteristics, placement strategy, price structure. In turn, it should be manipulated to provide a business with a market position that makes it strategically unique from its competitors. In the case study, the s’ Bagger hotel has pegged its USP on product characteristics, which it manipulates to give its position itself in the market. The USP gives the restaurant location, value, and comfort advantage.

Indeed, Hemmington (2007) argues that an effective marketing proposition should integrate the three elements to create an unambiguous concept of the hotel. In which case, if the hotel is uniquely reliant on the three elements, then its USP is effective. In regards to location advantage, the restaurant is set in Nuremberg, Germany was violating a patent is a criminal offense that is treated seriously. This also means that it is unlikely that its patented technology can be violated. As stated in the case study, the German Patent Office granted the restaurant the technology in 2007.

Indeed, it is yet to be replicated elsewhere in Germany. In regards to comfort, customers directly benefit from the technology in terms of its design, aesthetics, and most importantly speedy food service. As mentioned in the case study, the technology provides customers with increased comfort, as it enables them to also acquire detailed information regarding suppliers, food, and concept at the touch of a button. When it comes to value, the technology offers quality food service to customers at the touch of a button, which adds value to customers looking for quality services.

Hence, s’ Bagger restaurant is regarded in Germany as well as globally as ‘ an automated restaurant. ’ As indicated in the case study, technology has significantly reduced waiting times. In addition to this, it has eliminated queuing for food. At the same time, the EPOS technology designated for billing has added value to customers as it allows s’ Bagger restaurant to run loyalty bonus schemes, allowing customers to benefit from bonuses.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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