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The paper "Managing Customer Experience" is a good example of a Business assignment. Ani Pet Grooming Shop is a grooming animal care facility that consistently provides higher customer satisfaction by giving excellent service, quality pet grooming services, and an enjoyable atmosphere at an affordable price.   Its services include conditioning or shampooing, nail clipping, and polishing, trimming of facial fur and between the toes, etc.   The shop is situated in the trading center in the suburb. Its target customers are all pet owners without restriction to only one pet per household.

They are professionals who work and need convenient, reliable, and trusting pet grooming services available to them to keep with the demands of their schedules that are hectic. Problem Identification The overall revenue of the business has decreased drastically by 10% with hardly new inquiries visiting or calling for services. The cost of leasing the premises for the business is increasing by 20% every year making it very costly. On the other hand, customers have been decreasing drastically since the development of the infrastructure around the area. Many of the Ani Pet Grooming customers own businesses while others work full time.

They have a busy life and work schedule, having a greater inconvenience in coming to the pet grooming shop to drop off and pick their pets with the normal opening hours of the business. They thus prefer to do a faster grooming touch on their pets by themselves as long as they won’ t have to take a trip to the grooming shop. How the problem will be solved and the  Solution To prevent the high costs incurred and fatigued customers, Ani Pet Grooming shop will convert to a mobile pet grooming business.

There will be no need to secure whole premises and one small office partitioned from the owners’ house will be enough to serve walk-in customers as well as the staff. This will lower overheads and provide greater flexibility of the location, as there will be no leases to sign, maintenance, and repairs of the premises, paying local services, and no opening and closing time fixed.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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