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27 May 2007 Fundamentals of Management Phase 2 DB Communication is affected by internal and external environment, by the nature of the task, and by tech­nology. In many organizations, informal communication helps to achieve effective performance and create a positive and friendly atmosphere. It helps to provide satisfaction of members social needs, and a sense of personal identity and belonging. The main problem in Alpha Aeronautics is lack of strong corporate culture and trust between management staff and employees. The concept of corporate culture views organizations as mini societies with distinctive characteristics of their own.

1. The first step is to encourage open communication and gain trust of employees. This is one of the most difficult tasks faced by leadership and management. With the help of this method of communication Alpha Aeronautics will have an important influence on the morale, motivation, job satisfaction and performance of staff. It will be able provide members with greater opportunity to use their initiative and creativity in both personal and organizational development. (McNamara 2007). 2. Organizational rituals and corporate spirit will help to improve communication and interaction.

Holidays and corporate celebrations will help to create worm and friendly atmosphere, encourage communication and allow employees to become closer and open-minded. 3. It is important to introduce new position of HR consultant responsible for safety concerns and labor relations. Employees should be encouraged to discuss openly their fears and problems they face. This type of communication provides additional channels of communication through status. Informal type of communication provides a feeling of stability and security, and through informal norms of behavior can exercise a form of control over members (Organizational culture 1994). 4.

Alpha Aeronautics should pay a special attention to interaction between senior management and employees. “Perhaps the most common communications problem is managements (leaders and managers) assumption that because they are aware of some piece of information, than everyone else is, too” (McNamara 2007). Lack of management support and misunderstanding can lead to informal communication channels and low morale of employees. 5. Upward communication will help to reduce information channels of information exchange. Reports to senior management and meetings will help to create a corporate culture based on trust and motivation.

Alpha Aeronautics should “use management and staff meetings to solicit feedback” (McNamara 2007). 6. Management should introduce people-centered. Too many managers appear to attempt to manage through the use of rules, systems, procedures and paperwork, rather than with and through people. This strategy will help to develop a sense of belonging and improve people per­ception, and understand the feelings of staff, and their needs and expectations. It is people who are being managed and people should be considered in human terms. 7. Corporate culture depends upon quality of working life and safety.

Increased importance attached to the quality of working life has drawn attention to the satisfaction of peoples needs and expectations at work. It has also drawn attention to relationships between the quality of working life and employee commitment, levels of work performance and productivity which on the high level. 8. In addition to arrangements for the carrying out of organizational processes, management has a responsibility for creating a climate in which people are motivated to work willingly and effectively. Rewards and quality circles will help to improved productivity and encourage open communication.

The corporate culture created by managers will have a significant influence on the motivation and behavior of employees (McNamara 2007). 9. Multiple objectives can only be achieved if managers consider with care exactly what kinds of corporate culture they are aiming for, and design policies and practices accordingly. On the other hand corporate culture should serves as a guide for employees conduct to help them to determine what behaviors are acceptable. Since the purpose of corporate culture is to let everyone know what is expected and what is considered right (Robbins and Coulter 2005). Works Cited 1.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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