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Essays on Marketing Objectives of ALDI - Working as a Low-Cost Provider and Improving Market Share through Development of New Promotional Methods Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Objectives of ALDI - Working as a Low-Cost Provider and Improving Market Share through Development of New Promotional Methods" is a telling example of a case study on marketing. Organizations for their long term success looks to develop marketing strategies based on their internal competencies and aim towards developing the entire market so that they are able to target the correct audience. This will require that the organization understands the market clearly and based on the identification of the market develops strategies through which operational efficiency can be gained.

This report analyzes the global marketing aspect for ALDI which is an Australian retail chain player. The report based on the opportunity analysis for ALDI looks to formulate the marketing strategies which will include price, product, promotion and place strategies. This is supported by the clear identification of the target market, the segmentation and positioning strategy along with the manner in which the different resources will be used in the most effective manner. This has helped to chalk out a plan which will look to provide the details based on which the action plan will be developed the time horizon within which the organization aims to achieve the desired objectives and the method through which control will be exercised.

This will thereby help ALDI to develop a complete plan which will help in the formulation of strategies through which the long term success can be determined. This will act as a point through which the organization will be able to ensure better use of the resources and will be able to accomplish its marketing objectives. SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT analysis as identified is as Strengths Cost advantage as bulk purchasing has helped to ensure economies of scale Attracting and retaining customers through different promotional schemes and loyalty programs Increasing market share due to deeper penetration and better control of the market Competitive pricing helping to stay ahead of the competition Weakness Lack of online presence Increasing risk due to lack of diversification Lack of advertising Opportunities Increase in the use of technology Work in markets with a high disposable income Improve in the different promotional tools and loyalty programs Threats Increasing competition Economic slowdown Product substitution Opportunities Based on the analysis of its internal strengths and external opportunities which is faced before ALDI the organization has identified the different areas and fundamentals through which they can improve their performance.

This has helped ALDI to identify the following marketing objectives To become a cost leader where they look to offer products to customers at the lowest possible price. While looking to adopt the strategy ALDI has focused on ensuring that quality at no cost will be compromised and instead the organization will look towards eliminating the middle man and ensure that the extra cost which was incurred due to the presence of middle man can be passed on to the customers (Firoziyan, Hasangoli & Stiri, 2009).

This will help to develop a direct relationship with the other suppliers and help to provide products at the most competitive rates. To develop a new and better promotional scheme which helps to attract people from all segments of society? ALDI aims to develop a promotional scheme that will improve the retention of customers and will provide an opportunity through which market penetration can be improved. This mechanism will help them to increase their market share and provide an opportunity to be better placed in the market. To target and enter new markets where the disposable income is high.

This will help ALDI to reduce the risk as diversification and spreading the business to different corners will act as a point through which better opportunities for future revenues can be ascertained. This will also ensure that ALDI is able to improve its presence and will be able to find out the different areas through which operational efficiency will be achieved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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