Essays on Global Marketing Strategies for Hyundai Motor Company Case Study

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The paper "Global Marketing Strategies for Hyundai Motor Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The Hyundai Motor Company has numerous opportunities in both the Indian and United States markets. The company should focus on taking advantage of these opportunities to carve a niche in the motor industry and become the preferred motor company in its various target markets. It is also very important that the company develops a marketing strategy that will present it as the preferred motor company in its target market. To meet these goals, the following Global Marketing Plan has been prepared.

The plan seeks to exploit the opportunity identified in the earlier developed “ Situation and Opportunity Analysis. According to the analysis, various opportunities were identified, which will serve as the marketing objectives of this plan. A thorough analysis of the Indian and the United States market revealed that in America, a major opportunity available for Hyundai is that the car maker’ s products are still viewed as affordable and fuel-efficient. Another major opportunity identified was the emerging markets in Africa, whereby there are markets such as South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana and Angola which are yet to be fully exploited.

It was established that Hyundai should develop an elaborate marketing strategy for these developing markets so that it can penetrate the automobile market that is currently dominated by Japanese carmakers. The marketing objectives of Hyundai Motor Company, therefore, are to present its cars as affordable and fuel-efficient, especially to the American and Indian buyers and secondly to focus on emerging markets in Africa. Target Markets To meet its marketing objectives, Hyundai Motor Company should target its marketing energies on two categories of target markets.

The first category is in the United States and is the middle-income and low-income customer, who seeks to purchase affordable and fuel-efficient cars. The other category is in emerging markets, whereby the company should also invest in targeting its products and services for the consumers found in Africa and other emerging markets. The following analysis focuses on various aspects associated with these target markets, including aspects such as culture, demographics, consumer behaviours and industry structure.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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