Essays on Global Strategy of Eastman Kodak Case Study

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The paper "Global Strategy of Eastman Kodak" is a great example of a case study on management. Currently, in the world over, there is a major shift in the state of the economy. The world state of business is moving from self-contained in the origin countries where they are clearly separated from each other by the geographical boundaries to a borderless environment. While businesses operate at the national level, they are limited to distance, time differences, language, policy regulations, political interference, culture, and technology as well as across border trade-barriers (BusinessWeek 2005, pp. 25).

However, currently, businesses are changing their strategies and they are moving into the global arena where barriers that were previously imposed on cross-border trade are being removed as a result of the globalization of the world economy according to Whittington (2001, pp. 46). The globalization of the world economy is being accelerated with the advent of modern forms of transport and information technology which facilitate faster movement of goods and services world over. In addition to this, culture to some is homogenizing in many parts of the world and therefore as resulted in the formation of mergers and regional trading blocks.

This process is commonly referred to as globalization. In the contemporary world of business, globalization issues are of great controversy perhaps because of the challenges that are associated with it. According to the World Bank Report of 2000, the globalization issues are discussed all over including the public forums, business slogans, internet and company websites, business journals, corporate meetings, learning institutions, and indifferent governments’ policy-making organs like parliament (BusinessWeek 2005, pp. 27). The main reason for doing this is to determine the relative importance of venturing into the global business.

While discussions on globalization have continued to rage, the opponents of the idea are arguing that this will benefit the reach and the powers that have the capacity to exploit the opportunity. In addition, there is fear that globalization will lead to greater devastation of the environment. On the other hand, the proponents are of the view that globalization will lead to creating universal peace and great exchange in technological change and knowledge.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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