Essays on Globalisation, Leadership and Performance Literature review

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The paper "Globalisation, Leadership and Performance " is an outstanding example of a management literature review. Globalisation is a term that originated from the economic spheres. However, today globalisation has turned out to be a household term in virtually all aspects of the human’ s global existence. Today, globalisation deeply involves the economic, political, social-cultural as well as the technological fields of the new global societal order. Globalisation has mainly been propelled by developments in the infrastructural and communication sectors of the world economy. This includes improvements in transportation systems, technology, and communication principally through the introduction of the internet (World Wide Web).

The public use of the internet has offered an incredibly powerful tool that has brought together a host of people in the world into close vicinity and availability. As a result, the technological advances plus the developments in transport and communication have supported societies to nippily and without difficulty learn about and from others (House et al. , 2002). The rise in globalisation has also risen the need for leaders with the global outlook and intercultural capability to encounter the growing challenges and opportunities of globalisation.

Given these developments, this paper focuses on the effect of globalisation on leadership and performance. Also, the paper assesses the leadership qualities of Bill Gates, the co-founder, first CEO and chairman of the Microsoft Corporation. Globalisation and Leadership In recent times, the term globalisation been a charm used to identify with and express the changes observed in virtually all aspects of humanity; from economics to politics, religion, sports along other socio-cultural fields. Therefore, there various approaches to globalisation with each field putting forward various definitions based on the understanding.

There is no positive agreement on globalisation among experts as the political, socio-cultural and economic effects of globalisation blowout all through the world, it gains support as well as opposition. Globalisation has moved from the economic spheres to what people see today as a process of the world growing to be more and more intersect.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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