Essays on : GoogleDocs Vs. Penzu Assignment

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Google docs are the spreadsheets, or a presentation forms which has been developed by the Google Company. These documents are used to share information with parties who are working together or even companies that share information in different departments. In most cases, parties who are sharing such documents are able to create and edit information on those documents. These are normally done online because there are save in the internet. Google Docs contain various elements of Writely and Spreadsheets that are primarily involved with technological issues which was designed by Tonic Systems. Penzu on the other hand can be defined as a web tool that is commonly used to develop private journal in the internet.

Some people budget their expenses and keep such records in the internet so that they can be accessing any time they want to review their plans. Furthermore, students can write journal in the internet so that they can be accessing such information through “Share option” and can allow any other person to access and make their own amendment. These materials can be access by anybody who has sign up to Penzu and can add images on the pages available so as to share with others.

Penzu works like face book, any body can open an account so has to be keeping his pictures, posting comments and commenting on their friends’ pictures. In summary, penzu is used as a socializing agent by the youths whereby people of the same age group or even people with the same interest can form a folder. This folder can be shared by many people, and can also use this folder to share and exchange ideas and information.

Features of PenzuSome of the features of penzu are the privacy; it was design in a way that your information cannot be access by any other person without your permission. However, there is a window which has been created for common messages and this is the place where friend can edit the information of their colleagues, this means that personal entries are private by default. The site can accommodate as much information as possible depending on the interest of the owner of those photos. These photos can be uploaded into the site by the use of flickr.

The third features of the penzu is that members can share information or personal entries, that is, if he or she wishes to share and this can be done through the use of email or can design a link which can be viewed by the public and even the world. Features of Google docsGoogle drawings-google docs has various features which support drawings of organizational charts, flow charts of various kinds and also the possibility of designing diagrams which suit the interest of the drawer. New version of Google documents- Google Company has improved the version of google docs so that it can be edited easily.

The google docs can further support the importation and exportation of other features from different destinations. Faster Google spreadsheets- the spreadsheet of the Google docs is simpler and faster in using them. This Google doc has been design in a manner that can support the dragging and dropping of the columns and has the flexible bars which can be easily edited. Furthermore, these google spreadsheets are possible to be link with sheets.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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