Essays on Governance and Leadership of Project Management Case Study

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The paper "Governance and Leadership of Project Management" is an outstanding example of a case study on management. Samarco is a mining company whose headquarters are in Brazil. The company is equally co-owned by BHP Billiton – an Anglo-Australian company, and Vale S. A. – a Brazilian company (Samarco 2016). Samarco’ s main operations revolve around iron ore mining, processing, and turning the ore into pellets, which are then shipped to the market (Samarco 2014, para. 1). Samarco extracts the ore from open pits and places it on a conveyor system, which takes the raw material to concentrators for processing.

In the concentrators, the iron ore is crushed, ground, de-slimed, and taken through a floatation process where its chemical and physical specifications are adjusted and the product turned into a slurry. Iron ore content is then separated from the slurry and transported through pipelines. Next, the iron ore slurry is filtered and the necessary products added to it for strengthening. In the end, finished iron ore pellets are obtained and shipped to different customers in the worldwide market (Samarco 2014, para. 5).

During separation, other by-products realized include waste rock and tailings, which Samarco stores in dams or dumps that are controlled and monitored constantly to ensure that they meet particular environmental legislation. The collapse of one such dam in Brazil led to an environmental crisis, which affected the Doce River (Rio Doce). A project to rehabilitate the river for purposes of recompensing the communities and restoring the environment to its pre-disaster state was launched and is still ongoing at the time of writing this paper. This paper discusses the project governance structures starting from the board level and portfolio and program management.

Moreover, the paper links projects and corporate strategies and also looks at the governance of individual projects particularly the management of the River Doce recovery project in the aftermath of the 2015 Fundao dam collapse. The paper will also evaluate the leadership offered by the management of Samarco in the project as well as the company’ s relationship with stakeholders.


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