Essays on Governments in Many Countries Emphasize the Importance of Entrepreneurship Coursework

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The paper "Governments in Many Countries Emphasize the Importance of Entrepreneurship" is an outstanding example of management coursework. Entrepreneurship in a country has been viewed as a very fundamental factor that is crucial in ensuring better and improved living standards of people in countries around the whole world. It is true to note that the advantages of this factor are far-reaching hence different countries across the world needs to embrace it without much ado. It is also true to note that most countries struggle to maintain the stability of the country economically due to several factors that may range from wars to political instability.

Entrepreneurship always comprises various economic phenomena and is driven by several other factors like technology, markets, and even competition. It has to be noted that entrepreneurship in many countries and especially the countries that are referred to as the developed countries occurred some years back and currently have been trying to maintain that. This, therefore, makes the world a good platform for economic growth for many countries that relate and trade with stable economies. It is also crucial to note that entrepreneurship is always aimed at ensuring that the country is an open market for all in the country to benefit from.

This has been ensured due to many efforts by the governments. Another crucial factor that has led to the entrepreneurship in many countries is the collaboration between countries either in trading or human resource exchange. For instance, the enactment of the General Agreement on Tariffs has led to reduced tariffs among trading countries. Governments are the agents of change in a country and especially in the economic sector.

This is because; the government provides the best environment for investment by the citizens and another foreign investment. The government provides a good opportunity for the country to have a stable economy by encouraging investment. Governments through regulations provide a level playing ground for the entrepreneurs to invest. It is also true to realize that through the government’ s efforts, many entrepreneurs are attracted to a country. The government does in several ways.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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