Essays on Graphic Design Sustainability - Sage Systems Holiday Party Invitation Card Case Study

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The paper "Graphic Design Sustainability - Sage Systems Holiday Party Invitation Card  " is a great example of a marketing case study.   In light of the growing attention concerning the natural environment, it is everyone’ s jurisdiction to find or come up with strategies and frameworks to address climate change. In order to impact change in the environment, we live in we supposedly need to modify the way we do things else we will suffer the adverse changes that are currently occurring in the modern world. We have had an avalanche of complaints and concerns from environmentalists and other individuals who possess relevant expertise regarding variations in the natural environment in the present day; the earth is vastly different from what it was prior industrialisation and urbanisation had taken a toll on the planet. Dating back to the entry of new millennium, the issue of the environment has continued to evolve into a widespread problem all over the world.

We are living in a world affected by the problem of pollution, overpopulation, biodiversity, climate change, and deforestation. As graphic designers, we have an equal duty to ensure sustainability in all activities that we involve ourselves in and especially our career activities.

With inks, energy, technologically knowledge being our area of work, we need to come up with ideas that sustainable in nature. This essay provides an examination of projects completed using a range of sustainable frameworks in design and production. The essay further boils down to elaborating on the designer who produced the project, the project itself looking at eh colours, materials among other sustainable options, and finally but probably most importantly the printing of the project in a sustainable manner (Moldan, Janouš ková and Há k, 2012). Sage Systems Holiday Party Invitation The case study focuses on the Sage Systems Holiday Party Invitation card designed by the Sage Systems design firm located in Boston, MA.

The invitation card was designed by Sahba Fabian with the Yvette Perullo being the creative director. Both the design firm and the design draw on water, energy, paper, inks, packaging and solvents. The Sage Systems design makes decisions that prevent potential environmental effects. Both parties aim t eco-design which is a strategy used to minimise the impacts of graphic design on the natural environment.

The designer uses his time on his personal computer trying to come up and improve the already existing projects which lead to high consumption of energy which later on impacts the environment. For this reason, the designer prefers switching to green energy at his place which reduces carbon footprint thus helping in achieving a sustainable workspace. A significant concern in relation to the printers is emissions to water and air as well as solid waste. In this case, the project was printed by Boyds Direct, who remained conscious of environmental management.

Before choosing the printing service, the designer asked himself about how Boyds Direct deals with their waste products as well as the measures they implement to minimise their water and air emissions. The printer, in this case, opted to use a combined mail house and printer which was intended to eliminate shipping that usually takes place between the two steps thus consequently conserving the natural flora and fauna.


Moldan, B., Janoušková, S. and Hák, T., 2012. How to understand and measure environmental sustainability: Indicators and targets. Ecological Indicators, 17, pp.4-13.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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