Essays on Recycling of Electronic Parts as Green Marketing Related Issue Coursework

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The paper “ Recycling of Electronic Parts as Green Marketing Related Issue" is a worthy example of coursework on marketing. All human activities including marketing are influenced by environmental issues. Most business behaviors have started being modified so as to address the new concerns of society. Some have been quick to integrate concepts like systems of environmental management and waste minimization. Most manufacturers have been forced to reuse and recycle waste products due to high population levels and the value of the environment. Green marketing is the advertising or promotion of products having environmental factors or attributes.

Consumers who are apprehensive of their environment producing no pollution and are concerned about the prevention of its destruction consider this type of marketing. This report analyses how green marketing patterns can be used to recycle electronic tools and equipment. This is by analyzing the literature review as well as a discussion of any personal unobtrusive observations in both literature and topic context. There is also an analysis of the implications of green marketing best practices as well as recommendations and justification. Green marketing is mainly embedded in environmental and ecological issues.

Manufacturers apply it to avoid damaging the environment. When buying products, consumers take into consideration environmental issues. This has led to emerging green marketing significant concepts and issues. In companies and organizations, ethics, environmental respect and responsibility are important aspects. In several countries, certain companies pay for the recycling of digital products for example in Japan, the ideal utilization of resources and recycling is encouraged by law. Several countries also encourage recycling in order to maintain the environment. In an attempt to reduce any type of environmental pollution, recycle and reuse of waste products are taken into consideration and thus electronic equipment is largely recycled. Green marketing is a wide concept.

It involves following a strategy of marketing that can be based on customer expectations to be identified through the benefits of the environment. This generally entails the factors that work towards promoting the environment. Conduction of green marketing is done at three levels. The first level is the premeditated level whereby there is a change in producers’ behaviors. The second level is the sub-strategic level.

This is whereby the change is mainly attested in a given company’ s procedures. The final stage is the pre-emptive level. This is whereby there is a change in the actual activities that take place in the factories and the manufacturing centers. There is also the first age. This is whereby green marketing to aid reduce air pollution by automobiles, chemicals and agricultural equipment. The second age is whereby there is green marketing for the environment. It involves the prevention of environmental waste that would be dangerous to animals and consumers' health.

The final Age is the third age. This is whereby there is Ecological Green Marketing. The green ecological marketing approach takes into consideration future generations' needs. Green design involves the selection and planning of substances and materials, the structure of production, performance, packaging and conveyance methods. Certain aspects should be considered. These aspects include the prospective safety and health, recycling ease, the use of less energy, low pollution, and simple application. Prices should also be based on environmental and direct costs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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