Essays on Shoes & Heels Company Operational Strategies Case Study

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The paper "Shoes & Heels Company Operational Strategies" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. According to porter strategy, the company can adopt any of four cost strategies in its operations, it entails cost and profit mix. Cost leadership entails luring customers to buy your product maybe by using attractive pricing but one should remain with the core aim to minimize cost and maximize profit. Therefore, the firm should consider reducing production costs through the use of technology, eliminating unproductive practices and using efficient machines, increasing the sales and having influence over the supply of raw materials where it can obtain them at a lower cost than its competitors, for example, buying large volumes or reducing proximity.

It is suitable in a market segment where customers are price sensitive in order to be effective (Kotler, Philip 1986). Differentiation strategy comes in when a firm contains some unique aspects therefore, customers cannot choose competitor’ s goods. Porter’ s strategy is effective when combined with other strategies such as market segmentation and differentiation strategy. 3.4 Operational strategies. Operation management is core to any business success.

S& H Company, therefore, adopts diverse strategies in order to make sure all components of the business are well coordinated. The operations of the company are going to be both local and international since it is going to operate in the United Kingdom and the United States. According to Griffin and Pustay (2010), International Operations Management refers to the transformation activities of an international firm. International activities entail sales and distribution to the USA market. Operational activities regarding S& H Company are coordinated by the chief operational manager who is assisted by S& H Store operational managers. S& H Company will major in procuring shoes from producers at a discount.

The company shall then sell the shoes at their designated stores both in the UK and the USA. The company also shall distribute the shoes to its franchise where it targets to have 5 franchises in the first year of its operation in the USA and 8 franchises in the UK.  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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