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The paper ' The Impact of the Festival in Roswell on tourism' is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. The Roswell UFO event occurred in the United States in July 1947. It was exhilarating to witness an airborne object crash on a ranch adjacent to Roswell in New Mexico. Different studies alleged that the tragic event occurred as a result of poor communication. Nonetheless, the most famous explanation reveals that the incident took place while a consequence of a coalition of a spacecraft that contained extraterrestrial life with the ranch.

The event transpired into a major subject attracting controversy as well as a conspiracy of proliferous theories seeking to provide explanations since the late 1970s. Consequently, the Roswell 1947 incident evolved into a widely recognized pop-cultural phenomenon strengthening the similarity of the name “ Roswell” with “ UFOs” . Moreover, the Roswell incident, later on, transpired into the most publicized of all UFO incidents experienced in the world. Indeed, the event was not only exhilarating but extraordinary to the point of attracting several visitors from all parts of the world. Some of the tourists come to seek adventure as some visit the incident site as researchers.

They seek to provide adequate understanding and knowledge of what transpired during the crash as well as providing sufficient information about the mysterious event. Reliable sources reveal that the place was refurbished to serve as a tourist attraction site. Ideally, the 2013 celebrations marked the 66th anniversary of the incident attracting large numbers of visitors at the venue. The event acts as an important tourist attraction that pulls large crowds of people from all regions in the world. Surprisingly, the site has more than one tourist attraction site with three competing UFO museums that generate significant revenue for the country. The UFO museum has a Research Centre that attracts some tourists as well as scholars to source information from the crash.

Also, it has an art gallery and annual festivals that occur in every July. The event pervades the city with sufficient costume contents, symposiums, and entertainment from human beings. Such entertainment includes concerts, a barbecue, and a carnival as well as competitions for the best sauce, chili, and numerous food categories. There are additional museums at the Roswell including the Peter Moran watercolor sketches that serve as the memory of his 1880 works.

The Bottomless Lakes State Park established in 1933 acts as a tourist attraction site. It was the first park to be established in Mexico. Lastly, there is a 34 acre Spring River Zoo that has goats, miniature horses that attract tourists to increase the revenue. Furthermore, some citizens had more reservations about the proposal for a UFO Festival in Roswell with the view that the festival was more important than the economy of the city and the larger nation.

Ideally, the festival, which takes place every July attracts thousands of tourists which accounts for the increased revenue generated annually in the country. Q. 3. The Use of the White Night in developing a new or changed image for cities Melbourne city is one of the towns that is undergoing tremendous transformations due to the hilarious annual celebrations of the White Night Festival. For instance, the festival attracts more than 500, 000 Melbournians who take to witness the ceremony. The event is an annual citywide gala of diverse parties.

Among the genres celebrated and viewed by the mammoth group of the audience include music, art as well as the nebulously defined culture. Different event analysts and artists reveal that the White Night Festival plays an integral role in the diversification, sustainability, and maintenance of the Melbourne culture.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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