Essays on The Operational Management Options of Heinz Case Study

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The paper "The Operational Management Options of Heinz" is an amazing example of a case study on management.   The challenges Heinz faced, in meeting the capital needs, come because of the lack of parenting opportunities. He ought to focus on analyzing opportunities and estimating their significance. For example, a parent who is not an expert in manufacturing might not know that business lacked excellent manufacturing skills. A parent without detailed knowledge of a business market may not be aware of the opportunity to combine sales forces. Therefore, choices must be evaluated in both strategic and economical terms and the strategic choice must be coherent with the overall strategy of the firm.   The operational management options that Heinz has to put in place are aligning fresh food chains to the needs of the consumer, and develop a system that is responsive to changing consumer needs (Stevenson, 2012).

In his case, both demand and supply are volatile. The perishable nature of products places a number of constraints in dealing with suboptimal demand and supply information. The whole crop of carcasses is to be marketed. Developing creative solutions to the bundle of these three challenges create strategic options and new business opportunities for fresh food retailers and suppliers (Stevenson, 2012). The facility’ s location, which addresses issues like the main operation’ s location takes a major influence in this scenario.

Once such decisions are taken, the organization has to live long with prospects and problems regarding the raw materials, supplies, labor, markets and all other resources (Stevenson, 2012). Additionally, the marketing strategy, which includes customer profile products, services, market volumes, and price structures should be taken into consideration. The choice of the region and the site is also an important factor to consider.

This is because it affects transportation costs and long-distance considering the nature of goods.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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