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The paper "Analysis of Cellular, Kanban Approaches" is an outstanding example of management coursework. A cellular  concept introduced by Ralph is process-based and the workers are performing a variety of tasks using dissimilar machines and equipment in the work area while Joe's Approach is operational-based wherein workers perform one repetitive step in the process while the work areas are structured around similar machines and equipment. Based on research, Cellular Approach has somehow related to the philosophy of continual improvement of Keizen wherein it implies that in terms of time required, resources, product quality as well as other significant aspects that are related to the progress, it can continually be evaluated as well as improved.

This is the philosophy of continual improvement. Kaizen does not only limit its concern for the improvement of the manufacturing systems only but also the managers and workers in the workplace. To process changes for a quantum improvement in performance, team plans, as well as implements and works. Planning and Control Joe states, that ``Planning and Control are the lifeblood of manufacturing''. Do you agree with this? How does Joe define planning and control?

Can you have a good plan and maintain control without a good process in place? Why or why not? Planning should focus on goals and that there should always be the determination to achieve them. Planning and Control Yes, I agree that planning and control are the lifeblood of manufacturing. Joe defines planning as focused on goals and that there should always be the determination to make these happen. Control goes with proper planning. No, one can not have a good plan and control in the absence of a good process because the main goal is set basically during the planning period and as you pursue with it, control should be done along with an appropriate process. Significant Points Ralph is trying to explain and illustrates the idea of dealing with the long process in planning and manufacturing.

This means that the longer the process, the complicated it would be in terms of problems and conflicts encountered during the process procedure. There will be a need for more human resources that would mean dealing with more errors that will be addressed and should be resolved.

This requires good supervisory techniques, managers and solid manpower. No, we cannot possibly achieve that ideal state without the significant things in the previous pages of the book because the simple philosophies presented will give the reader deeper understanding of the main purpose of the authors. There are concepts that are discussed in this part that are very significant in the planning and control of the manufacturing process. Lean production is a flexible method that pulls product through the system in a timely manner that enables fast shipping of the product.

To make the manufacturing process more efficient, the product design is constantly improved. The resources used should also be maximized to increase customers' satisfaction. All stakeholders are expected to get quality on products and this would happen if there would also be cooperation, simplification, and coordination.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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