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The paper "The Concept of the T-Shaped Professional" is a worthy example of an assignment on human resources. The concept of the T-Shaped professional can be applied by mechanical engineers in the following ways. To fit in the T’ s horizontal arm a mechanical engineer need to have the following skills: Critical thinker- useful in solving mechanical related problems that may be brought to his attention by professionals in other disciplines Team working skills- more often than not mechanical engineers work with professionals from other disciplines and hence he must be able to perform in teamwork.

Good communication skills- this is very important when communicating ideas or explaining something to other people who may not necessarily understand the mechanical engineer language. Project management skills- most mechanical engineers in one way or another will be involved in engineering projects, having project management skills will ensure that one is able to relate well with all the stakeholders. Good technical writing skills- this ensures that one is able to convey his or her designs in a manner that can be understood by others.

To fit in the T’ s vertical arm, a mechanical engineer needs the following skills: Good problem-solving skills- this is essential in providing solutions to mechanical problems. A mechanical engineer should be able to come up with quick and cost-effective solutions to the problems Innovative skills- in coming up with solutions, mechanical engineers need to be innovative since problems are dynamic. Troubleshooting skills- a mechanical engineer should be attentive to details, this is very important during the troubleshooting of machines. Good analytical skills- most of the mechanical engineering work requires careful analysis, it is important therefore to have good analytical skills.

Design skills- this is very important when it comes to the design of machines and machine parts. Given the four career stories, it is evident that some skills are job-related while others are unique to a particular job. Some of the skills that are common across jobs are good communication skills, good analytical and problem-solving skills, innovative skills, and above one must be able to enjoy what he/she does. Some skills that are job-specific include maintenance and troubleshooting skills, design skills, self-discipline, and planning skills (CTICareerSearch) My dream job as an engineer is becoming a product design engineer in the automobile industry.

This job entails researching, designing and testing of new automobiles systems. When carrying out research, one is expected to use mathematical models to work out whether the new design and innovation would work and be cost-effective. As a design engineer in automobile safety is paramount since every system in a vehicle should be designed with user safety in mind. This means that the design of the systems should be carefully done putting into consideration the cost associated with such designs.

Other duties I expect to be doing, as a product design engineer is to do research on means of improving the performance and efficiency of the already existing designs. To succeed in this job one need to have the following skill and knowledge: strong problem-solving skills, creative, sound knowledge of computer-assisted design, excellent communication skills, good team working skills, awareness of environmental impacts, appreciation of business demands, and an understanding of manufacturing processes (Skills Funding Agency). After graduation, I intend to join the Institution of Engineering Designers where I will get the desired knowledge pertaining to automobile design engineering.

This should take at most 2 years after which I will join one of the automobile industries probably as a graduate design engineer. After working with experienced staff for a couple of years, I will become a design engineer in this industry. Five years down the line I will still be here but with a lot of knowledge in this industry maybe I will have shifted my job to several companies.

Ten years down the line, I expect to work as a senior design engineer in one of the automobile companies in Japan. One of the most sticking facts in this quiz is about Coca-cola being one of the top brands in the list of companies worldwide. It is estimated that the value of the lifestyle that the Coke brand project is around $ 66 billion. This is evident even in my place of origin because coca-cola products are the favorite among many people. They have a wide variety of products to satisfy the market demands and hence it is not surprising that the company’ s brand has the highest estimated value in the world (National Geographic Society).  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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