Essays on Internationalization and the UK Automotive Industry Case Study

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The paper "Internationalization and the UK Automotive Industry" is a perfect example of a business case study. The car manufacturing sector in the UK has gone through transformational phases over the past decades. Additionally, the automobile industry entered into an agreement in the year 2009 resulting in the establishment of the automotive council (BIS, 2010). Furthermore, the Car manufacturing industry ranks third in the total GDP contributors in the UK with an average of eleven percent total revenue (Mike, 2011). Moreover, the car manufacturing industry contributes to around 2/3 of the eleven percent revenue with an annual turnover estimated to be around sixty billion euros (BIS, 2010).

In other words, The UK car sector has undergone notable changes as a result of the continuous global changes in the international automobile industry (Lord, 2013). As a result, there has been notable expansion and improvement of the communication and information technology, developments in the transport infrastructure as well as abolitions of non-tariff and tariff barriers (Great Britain, 2007, 17). One of the driving efforts over the past decades is in one way or the other similar to the reasons behind the success of Global automotive industries like China and other Western-Multi-National Companies.

By so saying, it means that securing easy access to the international automotive industry as well as securing their products markets, gaining easy access to advanced automotive technology, and securing appropriate management brands and knowledge are the primary motivations behind the recent rise of the UK manufacturing industry over the past decade (Piyush, 2015). The reason behind JLR success in the UK since 2008 After purchasing JLR from Ford in 2008, TATA had to make crucial decisions bearing the fact that the change of ownership represented movement across two countries that possessed different cultural and ethical values (Trefis, 2014).

In other words, the change in management would have represented a tremendous collision in religion and culture (Ben, 2012). Therefore, the Indian management allowed the existing leadership and management style of JLR to continue. Therefore, as a result, JLR witnessed a tremendous boost in terms of the positive influence of cultural diversity and globalization (TATA, 2014).


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