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The paper "How the Environment Affects the Success of a Business" is a great example of an assignment on business. Bentley automotive is a British-based carmaker that manufactures luxurious and expensive vehicles targeting the first-class elites from across the world. Established in 1919, Bentley has grown to become a major automotive company based in Cricklewood but wholly owned by German vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen. Volkswagen acquired the brand and vehicle manufacturing unit from Roll-Royce, the legal owners of the company in the 1930s. The business environment is the immediate surroundings of a business that is made of a number of parameters including the social, cultural, fiscal, legal, and political factors that affect the operations of an environment.

A number of government-developed factors within the business environment affect the operations of businesses and these include the economic demographics, government policies and activities, the availability of the resources and capital for the organization, and the overall performance of the organization. The success of Bentley automotive depends on its ability to blend into this environment and develop strategic decisions that can create success.

This paper will discuss the Bentley business environment and how strategic sanity and decision-making can be used to improve its chances of success. 1.1. The purpose of different types of organizationsBusinesses across the globe can be categorized into two different groups depending on the nature of ownership, the level of production, and area of specialization. As a result, organizations can either belong to the private sector when owned by individuals and the public sector or owned partly by the government and public shareholders. Individuals otherwise known as sole proprietorships or owned by two to 20 people through a partnership agreement can either own private business.

Limited liability companies are owned through a shareholding framework in which the shareholders do not have liability beyond the value of their shares in the company. Bentley Motors is categorized as a private company with international operations after the acquisition with Roll n Royce and Volkswagen in the recent past.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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