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STARBUCKS ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION POLICY1.0 IntroductionIn the 21st century the global population is more concerned about the environment more than it was the case in the 20th century. Consumers are favoring buying from companies that are more sensitive of their impact to the environment and not just profit making. It is for this reason that the Starbucks as a major player in the economy of the world deems it prudent to come up with a comprehensive environment policy to guide the company on what should be the role of the company in ensuring a sustainable earth free from pollution and extreme climate. 1.1 The implementation model – kotterThe implementation of change is a very important part of instituting change in an organization.

Change is a continuous process and is the only way that a company can survive in a competitive environment (Rothwell, Stavros & Sullivan 2009). However, well intended change program might fail to take off or yield the desired results if the implementation is not given much concern. Kotter proposed an eight stage implementation model that companies can use to implement change in their organizations effectively Rothwell et al (2009).

Step one: Creating the urgency for changeThe management will gather all the necessary information to convince all the major decision makers of the many reasons that the company ought to have a comprehensive environmental conservation program that will guide the company. The key issues why the company need s to have this policy in place is partly because this needs to be part of the corporate social responsibility to the society from which it operates and gets its clients. Starbuck is a big company and can easily be the target of environment lobby groups that seek to popularize themselves by putting pressure on big companies to state their intentions towards conserving the environment.

ii the future if certain things are not taken care of such as water consumption in the Starbucks stores all over the is not regulated through technology to reduce water consumption, then the company risks loosing so much in sales as a result of boycotts in the areas where people are concerned about the environment (Leonard & McGuire, 2007).

Waste disposal is another critical environmental conservation issue. The idea is not only to dispose off the waste generated from coffee brewing in the stores but also to find a way of ensuring that the waste is used sustainably in the communities in such ways as compost for our customers’ gardens. It is very important that we have 10% recyclable materials used in our cups as a way of showing that we are for the idea of a sustainable earth and be a leading example to other companies in terms of environmental awareness.

In a nut shell this policy is a competitive edge that will endear us to our loyal customers and attract others to our coffee shops. The awards we will get as recognition of our efforts in environmental conservation will go a long way in setting us ahead of others in the industry it is for these reasons that change is inevitable in regards to our approach in environmental issues.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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