Essays on How Will The Pepperdine University MBA Program Help You Achieve Your Personal And Professional Admission/Application Essay

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Admission/Application Essay, Management Upon graduation I wish to lead a management team in one of the largest companies in the world. IU believe that enrolling into Pepperdine University, Graziadio graduate school admission for a management major and subsequent completion of graduate studies will be a huge step towards realizing this goal. My decision to seek admission at the Pepperdine MBA program is informed by the fact that it is one of the best MBA programs in the world and will therefore help me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

I am certain it will help me to gain the strongest possible general management skills critical in modern management practice. I believe that the program is designed in such a way that it will broaden my view and give me tools to leverage my skills, experience, and knowledge of how to build and manage successful companies. While am certain that the Pepperdine University MBA program will help me achieve my personal and professional goals, I am equally certain that I will contribute to the richness of the program.

I will, at all time, strive to uphold the values postulated in the program, as well as be part of the team that seek to fulfill the program’s mission and vision. Moreover, I will strive to excel in the program’s coursework and subsequently engage in research that will contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in the field of management. During and after my studies, I will strive to exhibit professionalism and uphold values that are in tandem with the Pepperdine University MBA program culture. I will need to engage constructively with the program’s instructors and fellow students towards realization of personal and program’s short and long term goals.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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