Essays on Human Resources of Diary Production Company Case Study

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The paper "Human Resources of Diary Production Company" is a perfect example of a human resources case study.   Company X Dairy will be offering drinks and food products made up of milk like steamed milk pudding, ice cream made up of milk, and milk powder for preparation of breakfast. The company will also be offering breakfast meals in the form of toast, eggs, sandwiches, tea, macaroni, ham, and noodles among other foods. The main customers Company X will be serving majorly the local customers in need of the manufactured milk products mentioned above. The company will offer these products on a regular basis in order to meet the interests and demands of customers.

It will serve individual customers, groups, organisations and institutions locally ordering for the products to be delivered to their premises and offer products during events as per the customer orders. The purpose and goals of the organization The main goal of Company X is to create a market for milk producers and process the milk onto different milk products to enhance the healthy growth of the customers in the locality. The company will focus on providing quality services to its customers.

Another company’ s goal will be to working towards securing a flourishing and sustainable dairy farming industry and promoting the real value of milk. External factors and their impact Promotion/ Marketing factor: Marketing of dairy products becomes a challenge to the company. This influences the market of the dairy products manufactured in this factory. It is clear that the growth of the population is changing with the changes in the technology where the consumption of dairy products is minimal. Kilelu, Klerkx, and Leeuwis (2013, 67) argue that the company has to hire some experienced and skilled personnel to conduct marketing activities, thus incurring high costs. Competition: It is perceptible that the dairy industry is very competitive where there are a number of companies in the area dealing with dairy products.

Company X will be facing competition from other dairy companies located within. Ju (2012, 104) identifies that there is competition in the sale of the dairy products in the market, as well as competition in winning over the dairy supply from the dairy farmers.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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