Essays on HR Manager: the General Purpose of Job Assignment

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Topic: HR Manager Job Analysis Questionnaire Office Assistants I. Job Duties Describe the general purpose of your job. In general I assist the Assistant HR Manager with the supervision of the daily operations pertaining to different HR functions as well as duties. 2. List the duties performed daily and the approximate time spent on each. Answering phone calls: Approximately 10-20 calls/hour; Assuming receptionist duties: 2-3 hours; Assisting employees with various administrative duties: 2 hours; Maintaining proper interpersonal relationships with various stakeholders: 2 hours; Recruitment activities: 2 hours; and Supervising Performance Management System (PMS), and databases for employee orientation and Training & Development (T&D): 1 hour. 3.

Describe the duties performed infrequently or irregularly, such as filling-in for another worker, and the approximate time involved. Recording the minutes of committee meetings: Varies with the durations of the meetings; Compiling statistical data for process/project coordinators: This is normally done in association with the Assistant HR Manager on a quarterly basis. Usually it requires 2-3 working days; Assisting with the completion of crucial reports: This is again a need-based activity. Generally, I work closely with the HR Manager as well as the Assistant HR Manager to finalize performance management reports, departmental policies, etc.

on a quarterly/semi-annual basis; and In the absence of an Assistant HR Manager, I take his position. The period is normally 15-30 days. 4. What are the most difficult or complex parts of your job, and why are they difficult or complex? Perhaps the most difficult part of my job is assisting employees with administrative duties. Most often my designation is looked down upon when I try to clarify to senior employees their job responsibilities. This in turn gives rise to unnecessary misunderstandings. 5.

What are the essential functions of the job: those duties that are the basic purpose of the job? Ensuring safety at workplace; Developing a better workforce; Developing the HR department; and Aligning organizational culture with performance and quality. II. Job Responsibilities 6. Describe the nature and extent of your responsibility for money, property, equipment or other types of assets. Primarily, I am entrusted with the deployment of petty cash. Apart from this I keep a track of departmental cash flow. As an integral component of my job responsibilities, I supervise the inventory of office equipments for the entire organization. 7.

Describe that nature and extent of your responsibility for materials or supplies. Once these details are forwarded to me by the Records Clerk, I verify them and escalate the same to the Assistant HR Manager. 8. Describe the nature and extent of your responsibility for people. Being a member of the HR department my job is people-centric, i.e. my primary responsibilities include maintenance of attendance and keeping track of performance issues. It is also my duty to ensure that employees are satisfied. 9. How many workers do you supervise, either directly or indirectly? Number of employees under direct supervision: 8 Number of employees under indirect supervision: 4 10.

What are the job titles of those you supervise, either directly or indirectly? Job titles under direct supervision: Head peon (1), Record Clerk (1), Chauffeurs (4), and Chefs (2). Job titles under indirect supervision: Assistant HR Manager (1), and Project Supervisors (3). 11. Describe that nature and extent of your access to or usage of classified, confidential or proprietary information. My access to such data is limited to PMS and T&D. However, while finalizing various organizational reports I am also given the right to use confidential data pertaining to the financials of the organization. 12.

Describe that nature and extent and your decision-making authority. As I assist in the administration of the daily operations of the HR department, I am entitled to take decisions on petty cash deployment. In addition, I do take occasional decisions on the application of policies to certain situations such as employee grievances, vendor management, etc. III. Education, Training, Experience and Personal Requirements 13. What is the minimum level of education needed for someone in your position? Graduation is a basic necessity.

However, companies often look for candidates that hold a college degree. 14. List any specialized courses that are required. Formal training in general office skills and computers; Office administration programs offered by various business as well as vocational-technical schools. 15. List any licenses or certifications required. Certified Professional Secretary (CPS); Certified Administrative Professional (CAP).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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