Essays on HR Planning and Recruitment - Etihad Airways Case Study

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The paper 'HR Planning and Recruitment - Etihad Airways " is a great example of a human resources case study. Employees of an organization are critical and integral to the success of an organization. Employees are the epicenter of innovation, the image of the firm as they are the ones who interact with customers and implementers of the strategies outlined by management. However, this is likely to be lost or reduced if human resource needs are not well addressed based on the realization that employees are human beings and they have both economic and social needs.

Using the insights from an interview with the human resource manager of Etihad Airways, the paper seeks to establish practices in HR planning and recruitment as a means of addressing human resource needs. In regard to the above, the focus of the paper would be in four spheres. The first would be to establish employees’ turnover and absenteeism rate in the firm, how they determine them and how they address the two problems. Secondly, from the interview, the paper lists the 5 common HR issues the HR department is facing.

Third, the paper establishes how Etihad’ s HR department forecast the HR needs of various departments. Lastly, the paper proposes recommendations on how to manage the 5 issues identified. 2.0 The Company Etihad Airways was founded in July 2003 as a result of the Royal Decree as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, the national carrier began its operation in November 2003. According to Etihad Airways (2013a), their vision is ‘ to be a truly 21st-century  global airline, challenging and changing the established conventions of airline hospitality’ . Additionally, the firm is out to ‘ reflect the best of Arabian hospitality’ .

Such an urge to succeed has seen them ranked as the fastest expanding national carrier serving over 10 million people annually (Etihad Airways, 2013a). Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the firm has 66 fleets of aircraft thus allowing them to hit 1, 000 flights per week and serve 84 destinations spread across the globe (Etihad Airways, 2013b).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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