Essays on Company Employee Turnover and Absenteeism Rates - ETISALAT Tele Communications Company Case Study

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The paper 'Company Employee Turnover and Absenteeism Rates - ETISALAT Tele Communications Company " is a good example of a management case study. The company I have chosen is ETISALAT Tele Communications Company based in Dubai UAE. This mobile service provider has a global presence in 18 countries namely; Africa, the Middle East and Asia. As of February 2012, ETISALAT was ranked 15th globally with an estimated over 150 million customers. In Emirates, this company is one of the only 2 mobile services provides in the county and the other being emirates in the country and the other being emirates integrated telecom.

Besides voice revenues, ETISALAT has also ventured into internet service providing. In this human resource analysis, special attention is paid to ETISALAT Dubai that has directly employed 450 workers. The resource person of this analysis is Mr. Mohamed Abdul Karim the Human Resource Manager of ETISALAT Dubai his cell phone number is +2675421. 2.0 Company employee turnover and absenteeism rates Employee turnover is defined as the rate at which an employer loses and gains employees at ETISALAT this rate was initially 7% per month but it has gone down to around 4% per month (Legge 5).

This rate is determined by simply dividing the number of separation workers by the average number of the total employees in that month and multiplying it by 100. That is Employee turnover rate = No. of separation during the month x 100 Average no. of employees during the month For example, in one month, ETISALAT lost 28 employees out of 403 total workforces them   E. T.R = 28 403 = 7%   Absenteeism rate refers to the degree to which employees fail to report duty within a particular duration.

Absenteeism itself could be a result of genuine reasons like sickness or intentional at ETISALAT Dubai, this rate is estimated o be around 8% per month. 2.1 Solution to the above problems 2.1.1 Employee turnover rate: To ensure that this rate is limited, Adbul stated that ETISALAT Dubai has adopted measures like, attractive remuneration, bettering the employee working conditions and also striving to be the best telecommunication company within the county at which the majority of employees will wish to work for.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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