Essays on Arabtec Company in Abu Dhabi Case Study

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The paper 'Arabtec Company in Abu Dhabi" is a good example of a management case study. Arabtec is a construction company in the United Arab Emirates that was started in 1975, and that has been foremost in real estate and infrastructure. A company has more than 40,000 vastly skilled personnel with ultramodern plant and equipment. Clients have recognized it by offering quality services at reasonable costs. Arabtec is an expert in civil engineering, maritime, rentals of tools, general infrastructure, and steel systems. It took part in the construction of Burj Khalifa, which is the worlds’ tallest building.

Arabtec has also been considerate of the surroundings, safety, and wellbeing of people around the company. It has gained recognition worldwide and has won various awards like ISO certification for its efforts in protecting the environment, and as a top contractor in the UAE for 2008. The Oxford business group (2007) stated that Arabtec has continued to win over many tenders due to its timely delivery of services and consistency in quality service provision. Organizational Structure Arabtec is headed by the board of directors, which composes of the chairperson, chief executive officer, and executive officer.

Arabtec encourages teamwork guided by the top management and the project managers. The flow of information flows from top to the bottom as the chain of command is followed from the senior-most to the least. On the last page is the organizational structure of Arabtec. Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan Arabtec’ s vision is ‘ ‘ To be the leading provider of quality construction and engineering services in the Middle East, North Africa and across the globe. ’ ’ A vision statement is an ambition or aim that a company looks forward to achieving in the future.

A vision is therefore a dream that a company hopes and works towards achieving. For Arabtech, being the leading company in construction and engineering, not only in UAE but universally is their major goal that they are working towards achieving.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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