Essays on Company Formation Structure of Michels Patisserie Case Study

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The paper "Company Formation Structure of Michel’ s Patisserie " is a perfect example of a management case study.   Michel’ s Patisserie was created in 1987 in Sydney, Australia. It was created by Noel Carroll and Noel Roberts. The Noels were the combined founders. It began by a bakery in Hornsby NSW and also by the day by day delivery of fresh products to a couple of their stores that is Castlecrag NSW and Patisserie Newport. It has developed at an astonishingly fast rate and it turns an exceeding amount of $220 million annually.

It has a big number of retail outlets that is more than 320 outlets all over Australia. It is owned and managed by Australians. Strategic Company Direction Strategic planning is a technique used to determine where a company is headed to in a period of time. It entails the stipulation of the manner in which the company is going to get there and the techniques the company will make use of to know whether or not it got there. A strategic plan is focussed on the whole organization. This is in contrast to a business plan which is focussed on a particular program, service or product. Strategic planning entails numerous different models, approaches and perspectives.

The manner in which a strategic plan is developed depends on an organization’ s culture, the nature of its leadership, the complex nature of an organization’ s environment and the size of the company in question. For instance, there are numerous different strategic planning models which entail them being goals-based, organic, issues-based and scenario-based. Michel’ s Patisserie has plans for new store growth. The company has plans to increase its number of stores to 50 per year in Australia.

It also has plans for offshore expansion. It has managed to expand its stores to New Zealand. That is it has 6 there already. It has a single store in China. It has also committed itself to develop robust computer technology so as to ensure efficient and effective operations. They strive to ensure that they have strong online communications. To enable them to have strong communications with their suppliers, franchisees and customers so as to further develop Michel’ s chain. HR SERVICE AGREEMENT This HR Service Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which we provide HR specialist services to a client. This HR Service Agreement is intended for the purposes of formally setting up the relationship between Michele’ s Patisserie and Flexi Consultants and to provide the foundation for a healthy business relationship. This Agreement completes the responsibility for Michele’ s Patisserie to ensure the quality, compliance and timeliness of the output named in this agreement. HR SERVICES AGREEMENT Scope This Agreement is made on 16th November by and between Flexi Consultants and Michele’ s Patisserie with offices at CBD, Sydney. Agreement Objectives Retention and Description of Services During the term of this Agreement, Flexi Consultants will furnish HR services and advice as specifically requested by Michele’ s Patisserie, Client and/or Client’ s Representative.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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