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HRDExecutive SummaryThe report covers what Ritz-Carlton hotels ought to do in order to foster their workers development. It addresses the challenges that might be experienced as they try to execute their policies and what ought to be done to deal with the issues. The importance of implementing these policies in the short and the long run is very essential for the sake of boosting their sales. The report recognizes importance of the company to continue training their employees even after they are moved from a monitoring program for the sake of making sure there are well equipped with the latest skills (United States 2012).

It also acknowledges extra cost that may be incurred during training and how the company might try to cut those costs by using cheaper training methods like technology (International journal of management and human resources 2013). Introduction In today’s world competition has increased tremendously and companies ought to be innovative in order to remain relevant. In the hotel industry the services are so homogeneous that only small details make details in terms of attracting consumers. It is under these circumstances that policy makers need to improve their services to the optimum for the sake of realizing their goals.

One of the ways includes personal development. This can be attributed to the fact in the hotel industry human resource is the most important aspect of the company. Substantial efforts should be made for the sake of boosting employees' skills in terms of service delivery. In fact most successful organizations have incorporated human developments in their philosophy. Some of the benefits of this program include the motivation of workers due to the fact that they are exposed to new challenges.

It also adds more experience due to the fact they can practice what they learn. TaskAs an advisor of Ritz-Carlton company management I will evaluate steps they need to take in order to incorporate staff development in their policies (United Nations 2008). The paper looks at possible strategies and the shortcomings which the company might experience while trying to implement these programs. How the Company Can Assess the Development Needs of their StaffThey should hire an independent team which can evaluate the services being offered and point out to weakness that needs improvement.

For example, if the expert team is booked in the hotel as guest in disguise they can be exposed to real situations which can make them make profound decisions on where the workers need to be trained on (United Nations 2011). The management should also involve employees in trying to understand the needs of their workers in terms of training. This is essential because if the company can let their employees be honest with victimization about the area they believe they are not good at.

They also need to evaluate their client’s complaints which can give them a clear picture where they are not good at. The management can therefore locate the necessary resources to train them for the sake of future dealings. In case of introduction of a new service in the hotel the company ought to offer appropriate training to their employees in order to equip them with the necessary skills needed to deal with changes (Brandley 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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