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The paper "Position of a Human Resource Manager" is a great example of management coursework.   The paper examines the position of a human resource manager, the skills and the knowledge related that I need to develop enhance in five years period. The human resource manager position in this paper the case study is a vital business post. The holder of this position heads the human resource department which is the point of convergence for all the organizational departments. A key determinant factor of the success for any company the paper starts with a detailed job description which acts a key pointer to the qualifications needed for the position holder. Job Description As Sá nchez, (2009 explains, the human resource manager is an important senior company official that determines largely the direction of a company.

The efficiency of the human resource department as a whole means great productivity as it determines how labour is utilised in a firm. The HRM undertakes is charged with the following duties: Key Responsibilities of HRM Analysing salary and wages reports as well as data in order to determine a competitive business competitive compensation plan Writing different directives to advise various different department managers of business on matters to do with equal employment opportunities, benefits and compensation. Consulting legal counsel in order to ensure that the business policies on employees issues comply with the state laws Development and maintenance of sound human resource system that attains the organization management needs Overseeing analyzing communication and Maintenance of different records required by local governing bodies, law and the departments in the organization. Recruits, tests, interviews and selects qualified employees to fill the business vacant positions Identification of various legal requirements and state reporting regulations that affect human resources roles and ensures procedures, policies and reporting are in compliance Studies arbitration decisions, legislation, as well as collective bargaining contract with an intention of assessing the industry trends Contract with the various business suppliers so as to provide employees services that include temporally employees, relocation services or search firms. Represent the organization at personal connected investigation and hearings Preparation of reports on human resource operations. Preparation of reports and making recommendations procedures on the reduction of absenteeism as well as turnover Preparation of employees separation notices and the needed documentation Conduction of exit interviews and determination of reasons for separations Dealing with employees related insurances on matters to do with accidents through coordination of the business safety committee meetings and act as an organization safety director. Carry out wages surveys in the labour market, to determine the acceptable and competitive wage rate in the market. Advises the management of employees matters Planning and conducting orientation of new employees to create the right attitude towards the organization Administration of the management training in things to do with termination hiring promotions interviewing and performance review Administration of the performance review programs that ensure compliance, effectiveness, and organization equity. Administration of different benefit programs like health, life, pension plans and the employee's assistance   Qualifications To be efficient and carry out this job successfully, one must be well able to administer each and every listed duty satisfactorily.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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