Essays on The Current Human Resource Development at Leithauser Books Case Study

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The paper 'The Current Human Resource Development at Leithauser Books" is a great example of a human resources case study. There is insufficient employee training in the company. A robust business relationship is grounded on trust and thoughtfulness. The absence of adequate staff training has resulted in unskilled communications that have been ruining these relationships. In addition to this, the Leithauser Company is suffering losses of revenue since some of its projects are inadequately designed as a result of inadequate staff training. For example, the staff working in the sales of music products are not well informed in regard to their products.

This has made, to some extent, customers lose confidence in the information offered by the staff regarding the music DVDs. The customers always fear buying goods from a company whose staff lack adequate information in regard to the goods they are selling. The employees who felt that they lacked proper training are unmotivated due to the fact that they lack the knowledge that is required in serving the clients. This has contributed, to some extent, to low productivity and inaccuracy work, which eventually struck the company’ s bottom line. Performance management and development It has been evident that leaders in the company have not been sufficiently inspiring employees and building performance management systems that would be driving the entire organization towards the set goals and targets.

This is evident when there arose a main complaint during the course of the survey that the more experienced employees were usually required to be ‘ running the shop floor’ and ensuring that new staff was incapable of attending to their duties. However, this monumental responsibility was not recognized by the leaders. Knowledge management It is evident that the company is implementing knowledge management approaches; so as to significantly get an edge while competing with the rivals.

The company is seeking the best approach of auditing and capturing knowledge in regard to the explicit and tacit knowledge in the workplace. The organization is also striving in improving its ability to acquiring and creating new knowledge swiftly.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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