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IntroductionMilltown School is one of the many schools that represent some of the short comings arising in different institutions as far as the issue of human resource management is concerned. The head teacher is said to have had any training about the running as well as the management of the issues in the school. The school has a total number of 200 students but the ratio of the teachers as well as the other employees is not proportional to that great number of the students in the school. There are six permanent, full-time teachers, a Head teacher, four teaching assistants and a Special Needs coordinator.

There is a School secretary and a School Manager, whose job it is to manage all the finances of the school, on behalf of the Head and who also has to deal with all manner of staffing issues although the Manager does not have the title of 'Personnel Manager' that is, to all intents and purposes, what she does for almost every day of the week. She deals with sickness absence records, answers questions about contracts, manages the training rota, obtains cover for teachers who are off sick or absent on training etc.

She has not received any training herself in any aspects of Personnel or HR Management; she has just had to 'pick it up as she goes along' Employment-related issues within Milltown School using existing HR theoriesThe above description shows some kind of shortcoming as far as the issues of human resource management are concerned. There is great significance of management practices, the human resource management as well as industrial relations with reference to the employment relations is very important for the success of any given organization.

In order for any manager to maintain a smooth and a good organizational culture, he or she should adopt some very important organizational theories (Armstrong 200). The theories that any organization will adopt must provide a strong link between the employees and the management. This means that they have to be structured in such a way that they provide great motivation and courage to the employees for the purpose of improving their working skills and productivity. In addition, the theories also must infuse some aspects of the organization like values, experiences attitudes and beliefs.

This is because these organizational theories are the instrument that every organization uses to cause motivation among all of its workers and employees (Hannagan 46). These theories comprises of beliefs and ideas of which each and every member of that organization must comply with so as to achieve the objectives and the goals of that particular organization. This then means that the theories must be made in such a way that they are acceptable to all the members of the organization whether in the management or employee level.

The school for instance has issues as far as the issue of division and specialization of roles are concerned. One of the most important aspects that should be considered in implementing organizational theory is the issue of behaviour patterns in the organization. This is the reason as to why most of the organization organizes for seminars and workshops for their employees so that they can be informed about the organizational theories the organization implements; this is a great advantage because it enables the workers to change their behaviour accordingly to be in line with the organizational goals and objectives which is not done in the school.

This also enables their behaviour to add much credibility to their work as well as increase ethical value of the school hence adding its popularity hence giving it a platform for competition. It should be noted that any theory that an organization opts to implement, must be thoroughly scrutinized by the professions before critical decision about its creation is made (Becker & Huselid 69).

This is to ensure that it works for the betterment of that particular school. A better strategic vision is therefore very important to ensure that all the cultural changes that are made are geared towards the wellbeing of the school. It is very sad that the school is expected to reduce its budget as well as consider terminating the services of some of the employees like the teaching assistances who have been very helpful in the school.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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