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The paper 'Preparation I Would Undertake as the Interviewer for the Interview " is a good example of business coursework.   One of the vital issues in this interview is the description of the behavioural criteria which I believe should be assessed throughout the interview (Vieira, 2009, P. 13). In the course of scheduling this interview, the company has brought out what skills are required in the person to be employed and will ask queries to find out if the candidate has those skills. It will be imperative to gauge the candidate’ s aptitude profile which portrays his/her essential qualifications of the job.

In addition, the job-related practices will be acknowledged, behaviours, awareness, capability as well as verbal communication proficiency. The main concern in this area is to ensure that the candidate is a professional in this field and understands the marketing needs of the organization so as to deliver the expected results. Likewise, values and ethics should be weighed up during the interview with regard to the marketing position. Moral principles, in this case, will give a justification of what a person is and how he/she will relate with others in the organization (Powers, 2008, P.

35). For example, whether the applicant to fill this position can demonstrate integrity and respect both in personal and organization practices. This will guarantee valuable leadership in the marketing section, pleasant working thus improved sales. The other behavioural criteria to be well-thought-out include communication skills of the candidate to ensure the incessant flow of marketing information in the organization to ensure an effectual making up of decisions. A marketing manager will be required to possess conflict resolution techniques to make sure disagreements in the department are unravelled fast to facilitate teamwork and accomplishment of the main target.

Inventiveness will be highly analyzed to certify modern products which match the customer needs and marketplace dynamics (McDermott, 2006, P. 22). As a result, the company will attain a competitive benefit over its rivals. The following is the information about preparation I would undertake as the interviewer for the interview referring to relevant theory. First is to read and go through the application form, position and individual specifications to make out areas which call for further investigation or clarification (Byers, 2008, P. 9).

As a qualified interviewer, I will merge the clear objectives on the basis of what I am trying to evaluate the talent. It is significant to understand what is needed so as to make a decision on whether the interviewee is the right candidate for the marketing manager position. When well acquainted with these key criteria, what follows is the establishment of behavioural-based questions to assess their skills in the marketing areas. Each person to be interviewed will be unique and consequently, the behavioural evaluation will be unlike; then as an interviewer, it is important to get control of the conversation. Furthermore, I will get ready by setting up the questions that need to be raised while conducting the dialogue.

In this interview, it will be better to ask a series of short questions on several diverse areas in relation to marketing administration (Turner, 2004, P. 41). This will help to test the capabilities and knowledge of the candidate in a range of marketing factors that surrounds the position; for instance ways of pricing for goods, marketplace segmentation, and advertising approaches.

On the other hand, I should be equipped for the feasible applicant’ s questions, and try to predict what extra information they may search for. Besides I should be aware of the company’ s long term strategies, policies, objectives, employment terms and conditions (Kennedy, 2011, P. 14). As a result, I will be capable to sell the opportunity such that I depict the positive public image of the organization; such that applicants whether appropriate or not leave thinking the organization is the employer of choice.


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