Essays on Organisational Learning in British Airways Case Study

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The paper "Organisational Learning in British Airways" is a wonderful example of a case study on management.   Over the years, a number of researchers have examined the concept of organizational learning. Lopez, Peon & Ordas (2005: 227-243) observe that organizational learning is a dynamic process that involves acquiring, creating and integrating knowledge so as to develop an organization’ s capabilities and enhance its performance in the long-run. Similarly, Skerlavaj, Stemberger, Skrinjar & Dimovski (2007: 346-367) are of the opinion that organizational learning involves a combination of four key processes within an organization. These processes include; acquisition, dissemination, memorization, and interpretation of information.

Prosser (2010: 69) provides a different perspective on organizational learning. He notes that organizational learning is a culture within an organization where people continuously engage in learning in order to broaden their knowledge and skills so that they can realize the results that they desire. He further notes that in an organization with a learning culture, new patterns of thinking are nurtured and people learn together (Prosser 2010: 69). Over time, the concept of organizational learning has gained increasing attention and has been adapted in a number of organizations due to its role when it comes to enhancing organizational performance.

A number of studies show that organizational learning can help to enhance an organization’ s competitive advantage, enhance business performance, increases employee capabilities, facilitate behavior change with the organization and enable organizations to manage changes effectively (Harrison 2009; Gibb 2008; Murray & Donegan 2003; Tippins & Sohi 2003). Nevertheless, in as much as numerous studies have established the significance of organizational learning, to date, many organizations are still having difficulties in making organizational learning a reality. This essay seeks to provide a critical discussion as to why organizations appear to have such difficulty in making organizational learning a reality.

It will specifically focus on British Airways. Foremost, this essay will provide a brief background of British Airways. Secondly, it will examine how organizational learning is implemented at British Airways.


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