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1. Implementing a generic induction programA generic program is the designed program that intends to introduce employees to new safety measures of the organization and the rules of the organization. The main aim of conducting the generic induction program is to undertake training of employees so that they will be able to acquire safety skills in their workplaces (Valerie 2003). This training helps to develop the skills of the employees hence it aims to develop the employees’ skills concerning the satiety precautions. The need for generic induction program is to ensure that an employee is well conversant with safety measures at the workplace.

This is done because the employee is thought on the how to take care of the safety measures while working. The generic induction program also enables the employees to develop a positive attitude towards the industry (Valerie 2003). Generic programs enhance that the employees do understand the industry well which will encourage them to work in the industry. Before the generic induction program, employees may associate an industry with high risks but after the induction the risk lowers and they can now work in the industry with less fear.

Finally the generic induction program aims to eliminate the need further induction training. This program equips learners with adequate safety knowledge in the relevant industry. This reduces the need for fresh training about the safety training in the field. The following is the plan for the generic induction program; first ensure that all the necessary equipment are put I place like the uniforms and the nameplate. Inform the participant employees on the date to start the program, inform the mentors and remind them of the issues they will tackle, decide on how to tackle the industry issues, plan how to conduct the induction program, plan for meetings so that all employees will be introduced to their areas of interest and conduct the induction program and finally plan a meeting for all new employees to meet their respective heads of departments (Hazewinkel 2001). The following is the program for delivering generic induction program; Pass the greetings to all who are in the meetingExplain the need of the induction program and provide all the details of the whole programmeConfirm that all the induction arrangements for the program have been metDo the introduction of the mentorsFinally the induction program commences Evaluation of the induction can be done during or after the program has been executed and it involves the following aspects.

Firstly, asses the procedures and processes used to conduct the induction program to see if they are effective. Secondly, conduct assessment to see if the objectives have been met or not. If the objectives are met then the program was effective but if not then the program was not effective.

Finally, conduct some research on employees to see if the induction programs enabled them to improve their skills. If the program was effective they will improve in their tasks but if there is no improvement then program was not effective. 2. Learning organizationA learning organization is the organization that changes with change in technology and grows fast with innovation and the changes in the environment (Edmond 2000). The learning organization encourages the culture in an organization that leads to continued learning of new skills like the improved thinking, better ways of managing risks, contribution of employees to solving mistakes and developing an attitude where employees accept mistakes and are ready to learn from them.

This organization operates continuously in the learning process. There are two aspects in which learning takes place and they include single loop and double learning. Single learning is the learning that aims to identify and correct a mistake only while double learning is the learning that aims at changing the fundamentals of the organization like the norms and cultural values.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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