Essays on HRMT19014: Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection Assignment

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IntroductionWith the increase in industries in the whole world, there is the need to carefully consider the kind of human resource we are incorporating in all industries. It goes without saying that a lot of resources should be spent in ensuring that we have the best skills in the performance of different job activities. By incorporating good yet practical strategies in the recruitment and selection process, we believe that the productivity in industries will increase by a bigger percentage. Among many other requirements, the purpose of recruitment is to bring together a team of well qualified candidates who can be suitable for the job and the main reason behind selection is to determine in advance the kind of performance that can be gotten from a potential employee.

Many of the selections done are through assessments and they incorporate skills and experiences and also the job qualifications one may have. In these assessments, the panel is able to decide on who portrays the best talents that will guarantee the organization the best of results. Recruitment and selection is two way traffic as the management seeks to find the best person suited for a particular jobs and the applicants have the responsibility to decide if the firm that they are going to apply job positions is the best place to work in.

It is therefore essential to ensure that a systematic approach has been adopted to attract the best staff. By doing this there will be effectiveness in the labor force and great achievements will be attained. In this report we are going to argue and support the strategies that are used in selection and recruitment of employees and by using legal and ethical principles, we are going to take a look at how the above decisions can be made as we compare the differences in recruitment and selection.

Part A-Recruitment strategyWhat selection criteria to be consideredRecruitment can be termed as the process in which a group of activities are chosen in order to obtain qualified people who are going to fill in vacant positions in an organization. This therefore means that the main purpose of recruitment is to offer a variety of potential people who can fill a position (Barrick, Stewart and Piotrowski 2002, p. 43) The purpose of recruiting is to attract potential employees and it is with this reason that proper care should be taken when planning for recruitment.

This process is meant to tap talent hence maintaining such quality skills in an organization are a major success. With the recent job market growing rapidly, there is the need for organizations to come up with the best suited method in recruiting (Hunter and Hunter 1984, p. 72). Methods to be used to recruit appropriate applicantsFor there to be effective recruitment, there are certain methods to be adopted and the following are some of them.

First the agency of the firm that has been given powers to recruit potential employees must identify the jobs available as different organizations require different employees. By doing this, the agency is able to maintain quality recruitment activities (Barrick, Stewart and Piotrowski 2002, p. 51). In advertising for the job, they should first rank the most senior jobs first then the rest follow. Secondly, another aspect to consider is the candidates that have been targeted for this position.

The aim behind this is to find the best individual suited for the position (Hunter and Hunter 1984, p. 86). By doing this, the agency aims to assess the degree of performance one possesses; the experience one has had over the years as the individual can be fresh from college or a senior professional and the classification in which the candidate lies. Another method used to recruit is to evaluate the candidates (Cober, et al. 2003, p. 158). This is done by judging them and even in interviews by having they do simple tests.

This entire process should be planned in advance to enhance an effective recruitment. In the recruitment method, the agency has to determine if the organization has the ability to pay off the employees it wants to employ as this can be a shame to undergo the process of recruitment and when the person qualifies for employment, there no enough funds for remuneration (Barrick and Mount 1991,p. 1). Lastly in the recruitment process the agency should make sure that they follow the right documentation on recruitment and the required laws and regulations behind recruitment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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