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The paper "Developing Relationship among Employees" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. Human resources management is a topic that has been discussed widely and by a number of scholars. It is well described as human power management within any organization or company. Human resource managers control human assets within companies; a company has to keep its human resource valuable and productive as this is the only way a company will benefit from important skills from employees. The process of human resource management requires a logical objective to keep on and step-up the number of employees within a company as they are the most crucial assets for a particular organization.

This case study focuses on the Utilities Co. ; analyzing the various roles of Human resource management within this particular company, the challenges faced as well as a demonstration of the ability to get solutions to problems experienced in human resource management. The functions of Human resource management within the Utilities Company will also be broadly analyzed in this case study to ascertain whether they play a crucial role in running a accompany as well as the achievement of its success. Human resource management Utility Co.

is a specialized example of an analysis of whether employees of a company or an organization either as individuals or as a group are the key contributors to the success and objective achievement of companies. Human resource management involves the hiring of employees by an organization, scheming and developing resources, and paying for services to get the best from the employees. Currently, Human Resource Management must operate together with other company’ s requirements and most importantly with the executive management of the company (CGIAR 2009).

In the case of the utilities Co. , there is a lack of co-existing between the top management and the newly hired company’ s Human resource management. This disagreement arises from conflicting ideas and roles played by the top management, instead of the executive relying on the Human Resource Manager for the management of employees, even after the Human Resource Manager had initially realized the effects of having an understaffed company. The chief executive of the company insists on sacking some employees without putting into consideration the view of the Human Resource Manager.

It is the role of the Human Resource Manager to identify the human resource required by the company and vice versa; and through an agreement with the executive, the necessary steps are taken to fix a problem concerning the human assets. A company succeeds due to the relationship strength between the top management of a company and the human resource specialist. Management of human resources involves the management of employees and the duties they perform within a company with the aim of achieving a preset company goal (Murthy 2003).

Utilities Co. For example, has a major plan of discontinuing some significant number of its employees so as to face the harsh economic situation faced by the company. It is the role of the human resource manager to do so; the Human resource manager is reluctant to do so as she had already identified the gap within the company where some sections were understaffed and as a result, protects the employees as according to her view, they are still important to the success of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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