Essays on Human Resource (HR) Professional Interview Assignment

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Human Resource Professional Interview Background of the HR Professional Recently I met with Chunmen (Karen) Wu who is a human resource at shanghai Bojun Precision Mould Co. Ltd. I have taken her interview in order to increase my level of knowledge and competency on human resource management. She received a MBA degree ten years before. His specialization is human resource management. She did his summer internship from a Shanghai based small retail organization. She further stated that he learned a lot of valuable practical things during the training period that was offered by the organization.

Now she has ten years of work experience as human resource director in the company. In addition to this, the management of the organization offered on-job training process to her. It helped her to gain practical knowledge about the job responsibility. Her email id is cm. wu@sh-bojun. com. Her phone number is +86-21-69151288. The Venture During the interview process, Chunmen (Karen) Wu stated that she had the knack to go into the human resource field. In addition to this it is her characteristics to develop effective relationship with the individuals.

In addition to this, she has effective interpersonal communication skill so that he can maintain effective relationship with the employees within the organization. It is the responsibility of a human resource director r to maintain effective relationship with the employees in order to increase their motivation and self-confidence level of employees within the organization. Chunmen (Karen) Wu stated that, she had the dream to enter in this organization as an individual has the scope to gain significant career growth as the industry is becoming one of the emerging economies.

Household appliance and auto stamping dies and parts are the major products that are manufactured by the organization. Struggles and Challenges It is highly difficult to maintain effective workplace environment as the organization has implemented workplace diversity in the business operation process. Therefore, it is important for a human resource director to handle a multicultural workforce quite easily and comfortably. However, it is true that possibilities of cultural conflicts can remain in the workplace if employees from different cultural background used to perform in a workplace. Moreover, opinions, thought process and values of employees used to differ from each other due to different cultural background of employees.

In first six months of her employment, she faced huge difficulty to handle the cultural conflict related issues. Slowly and gradually, Chunmen (Karen) Wu has tried to maintain sustainability in the workplace performance and workplace environment. She got enormous support from the management of the organization and his immediate boss. However, she tried to implement effective leadership style in the workplace in order to increase the motivation level of entire workforce (Bonnici, 2011).

Chunmen (Karen) Wu replied in the interview process that he used to implement democratic leadership style in order to increase the self-confidence level of the employees. These activities and aspects helped Chunmen (Karen) Wu to overcome the issues related with cultural conflicts within the workplace. Risks and Rewards Maintaining a multicultural workforce can be considered as one of the important aspects for a multinational organization. Therefore, it is highly difficult for the human resource management department to take care of the motivation level of the employees. However, Chunmen (Karen) Wu has tried to implement several unique strategies in order to maintain the stability of the workplace.

In addition to this, she has tried to adopt democratic leadership style and has successfully implemented this in the workplace. Chunmen (Karen) Wu has received huge social recognition from the management of the organization as his leadership style helped the organization to overcome several possible workplace cultural conflicts. Learning on the Journey It is true that HR management can be considered as one of the sensitive and complex department within an organization.

Therefore, it is highly important for the organization to maintain efficiency in the human resource management department. It is true that several leading organizations are trying to develop and implement unique strategies in the business operation processes in order to gain potential competitive advantages. Effective implementation of democratic leadership style helped Chunmen (Karen) Wu to increase his self-confidence level so that he can ensure effective future growth rate. Own Learning It is clear from the above interview process that HR department is one f the most sensitive and complex departments within an organization.

My interest and knowledge about this field can help me to grow in this specific field. In addition to this, this interview process can help me to enter in the corporate world and justify the provided job responsibility. I met with Chunmen (Karen) Wu during my internship. Her suggestions will help me to grow in my future career. Reference Bonnici, C. (2011). Creating a Successful Leadership Style. New York: Springer.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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