Essays on Human Resource Management Case Study

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In line with the information you gave me on the walking out of Jeff, the Research and Development Officer to join a director competitor to the Acme industries, it is a case to be treated with a lot of caution but if the worst happens, legal action ought to be taken against Jeff. Legal action can be taken against Jeff on the grounds that he has breached the terms in the contract that he signed with the company before he was employed; leaving for the direct competitor of Acme industries is going against the clause in Jeff’s contract that restrains him from working for a competitor in any place within Australia for a time of up to 12 months since terminating his contract with this company.

To add onto these, his untimely departure is a great disservice to the company since he was the one involved directly with the development of our secret leading edge tap ware which we have not yet released until next year. Legally, he should not be allowed to work for our direct competitor since he is going to definitely leak out our secret leading edge tap ware as he clearly understands every principle behind its implementation next year and he was directly in charge of this project.

He will leak out the company’s secret and later help the direct competitor to counter our move which will make Acme industries to realize a great lose. This is because the tap ware design is a very important innovation and progress to Acme industries. If legal action is taken, definitely Jeff’s efforts of leaving to a direct competitor will be infringed.

However, I wish to implore you sir that let us take the legal action against Jeff as our last resort even if it may be a viable option. This is due to the fact that Jeff is a very important person at the moment as the Research and Development Officer since he is the one who developed the design of our latest and very important tap ware product. We should therefore explore other ways of retaining Jeff in this company since his presence means a lot as far as the implementation of the tap ware design later next year is concerned.

I therefore wish to recommend that we use the possible option of incentives to lure Jeff into remaining around and not leaving for a direct competitor. This will be the best option since the positive attitude to work that Jeff initially had will be maintained as we continue having him around to implement the secret design. I propose that we try and use incentives like salary increment, issuing of bonuses in appreciation of his efforts and a leave to make him think twice.

Let us give him a higher payment than the pay he was going to probably receive in our competing company. I believe this will help change Jeff’s minds and consider remaining as an employee in this company (Torrington, Taylor & Hall 2007). Another option to solving this case, which we must consider, is looking into the reasons that may have made Jeff to consider leaving the company and then trying to get possible solutions to them which will suit all our employees and not necessarily Jeff alone.

Let us create a committee that will engage in investigating into the reasons before coming up with recommendations which will help us get solutions. This will help retain Jeff in the staff and limit any future reoccurrence of the same.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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